27 February 2010

His been gone for sometime,

23 February 2010

Dermal: Collagen Essence Mask

Vivi says: This thing is love. Its super moisturizing and leaves my skin in a really smooth condition! I absolutely love the scent of it. Its not anything fancy but it makes me feel really calm. I haven't actually notice if it balances out my skin tone as well but because I've been on a regular weekly mask, my skin is actually getting better. Besides, enlarged pores wtf. So, give it a try! By the way, this is from Korea.

Rating: 8/10.

Oh and another thing I love about Dermal masks is that, it comes with this thing that covers your eyes.

I realize most masks does not provide this anymore. WHY! Its like if its a whitening mask, you're gonna leave yr eyes looking odd whereas yr whole face turns fairer wtf. This is what I do, I cut that piece of and leave it on my lips. Your lips needs to be taken care also okay!

Please read at your own risk. Comments given are based on my personal opinion.

Hana Dul Seh!

I'm happy! I'm trying really hard not to be lazy for once but sometimes you can't really help it, can you? I've been out everyday for almost a week and coming back at late hours isn't really a helping hand wtf. CNY has been really awesome especially when you get to gamble, drink, going out and coming back late everyday and yet noone would fuck you up!

Had been drinking quite alot lately and I don't like it wtf. Not that I don't like to drink but I realize the tone of my voice is going a pitch lower. The other day when I was singing 下雨天, I cannot hit the high notes anymore wtf wtf! So, I must must must must cut down. I don't wanna have a hole in the organ (Sorry science freaks, I forgot which part of the organ already WTF WTF) and NO to belly tummy!

Fast forwarding too... last Thursday! when Bee decided to cook us all a dinner. Not very much impressed with her work wahahaha but it was obviously better than my expectation. You have no idea how worried I was when she said she wants to cook wtf. Cold Storage for grocery shopping! And going grocery shopping with friends is 10x better. Oh oh and we met Marion Caunter there too!

Ah So on board.


Lea and Perrins ambassadors!

Dono why behind that guy pan ke ai.

So hot. *drools*

Sexyback fail badly.

The man behind the porkchops and lambchops!



Bee's butter mashed potato.

Almost done!

Ready to be served.

Rating: 6/10.

Credits to Beljian kor kor for helping out! HAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Loves, V.

17 February 2010

Dermal: Charcoal Collagen Essence Mask

Vivi says: Just by reading the name of the mask, it doesn't tempt me on trying it at all wtf. It was more like, "Why the fuck do you even need charcoals on your face?" (Ok now go start googling instead!) but I certainly did not regret and I wanted more of this! I can't tell if my complexion got smoother or not but it tightened my skin really well. But of course, you can't really depend on all these masks to get a healthy glow bla bla bla. Super not long lasting one okay masks.

Rating: 7/10.

Please read at your own risk. Comments given are based on my personal opinion.

14 February 2010


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hopefully the first day was going well so far. Mine certainly did not started off well. Not when I only got to sleep at 430am while watching Kangxi and waking up at 8am with some mini arguments with Mummylove but it was all good. I initially planned to wake up earlier but I snoozed like 3 times till I sense Paps walking to our room wtf.

Hello aryclic! Obviously I did not pay up crazy amount of cash just for nails. I seriously would rather save it for my cosmetics instead wtf. Yan did it for me when I went over for facial. It was actually cWey's idea to get her doing both Mummylove and my nails but she was too busy to even come over my house so no nice nails for Mummylove hoho. I was actually the guinea pig :P but I think she did a pretty good job for she only attended 1 class.

I didn't wanna cut my real nails off so uncut it is. It doesn't bother me though but if you have been following my tweets, when I first came home with the nails, it was fuhreaking long! I cannot do shits not even the simplest thing! Cannot pull up zip, cannot dig ears, cannot open a can drink, cannot on switches, cannot type sms, cannot press buttons from the remote control, etc. It was so bloody intolerable so I took 3 fucking hours from 12am and filed my nails all the way till 3am. So far, I'm loving the nails liao! Even when it falls off so frequently but I always manage to find my nails back wahahahaha. Stick it and reuse it lor! :P

Face of the day. Damn in love with my makeup today! Don't ask me why but you can never tell from the pictures wahahaha.

Getting ready for Lou Sang @ Grandma's.

Lou Sang war.

Lou ahhhhhh ~ lou ahhhhhhh ~

It was all over the table wtf. Not that I got a bite from it either ish. Surrounded by so many of em!

CLEARED! Noone blocking anymore.

Angpau come come.

Loves, V.

Happy Tiger Year & Merry Valentine's Day '10!

11 February 2010

Vanilla Twilight

Usually around this time of the season, I would be super duper happy awaiting for CNY to come just because I love the angpaus and can't wait to wear the new clothes teehee. But I can't feel anything this year! I did not look forward to shopping nor angpaus anymore. Perhaps I'm starting to feel a little worried for my angpaus wtf. I cannot stop using them and each time I take a RM50 note, I would tell myself, "Aiya okay la, next time put another RM50 inside again." But it never works.

Tried to spend as minimum as I could already especially when Taiwan is just a month away *triple cheers* Have been spending money like water for the past 2 months wtf. The camera burden my damage like crazy wtf I have yet to take any of my allowance since then. I'm only supposed to cut 2 weeks of allowance buthen Mummylove is so cunning can die T_T

Collected the deposit from Sri KL yesterday. My heart was somewhere near pounding when I got down from the car okehh. It feels like first day of school all over again and I met 2 teachers who taught me but I don't have the ballz to greet them at all wtf. It'll be super shy when she couldn't recognize and start asking me which class I was from and what's my name lol.

Nah, unglam photo wtf.

I really need to start cutting down on my eyeliner wtf. Must go for the most minimum make up!

Loves, V.

10 February 2010

Dermal: Red Ginseng Collagen Essence Mask

Vivi says: I don't like the scent of ginseng at all. In fact, I don't even drink ginseng! Eww, the minute I opened the pack, the ginseng smell start attacking my nose and wtf! So did not enjoy this. I forgot if it did anything to my face or not HAAHAAHHA. I was really disgusted by the scent okay.

Rating: 4/10.

Please read at your own risk. Comments given are based on my personal opinion.

09 February 2010

May you burn in hell

Woopsie, sorry for the ultra pissy post yesterday. I really wish I could share it with all of you out there -- it practically made me opened my eyes bigger and the thought of being nice is gone. Why the fuck do you even need to be nice when ones is not even being nice to you right?? They don't even fucking deserve being nice!! Karma is so gonna get you. Look forward to it.

Thank you for those who are concern. I am doing absolutely fine, shoul not let people like him to stay this long in my memory although I doubt I'll ever forget what happened but its okayy, I'm bringing this hatred with me. I don't mind keeping and for this, I shall not forgive and forget. Oh God, please dear God, may he loses his job and everything important to him wtf. He has a job as dirty as a ahc gnij ffs.

But honestly, how great do you think you are? You are nothing without us. You're not worth anything not even my dog's poop. A word of mine, go get another job or perhaps a beggar? Hmm, it suits you best.

The last.

Loves, V.

08 February 2010


No, I can't just shut up and fucking swallow this all to my own anymore. What did I do to you to give you the fucking rights to be rude to me huh? Don't you even learn Moral? OH YA I NEARLY FORGOT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Just because you are the 'king' which makes you have all the fucking first priority, and so what the fuck has it got to do with me?! If you are in the bad mood, just fucking shut the fuck up and give the marks. You are there to be invigilating not to be giving lectures okay?

If I made mistakes, I don't mind accepting it and admit it but why the fuck are you even being rude to me when I did not do anything! So if I am stupid, that doesn't makes you smart either. If you're that smart, you wouldn't even be invigilating! You look like a police wannabe more than anything okay?! Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!!

I wish for nothing but the worst for you. From tripping to death and I fucking mean it. If I am going to hell, you are going there tooo.


Yours fucking sincerely,

Vivian Tan.

06 February 2010

Mini Reunion!

Camwhored before I left the house teehee.

Was so excited bout meeting up with everyone! The night before I had a little insomnia wtf I only got to slept at 3am. Mummykins dropped me at Papparich and I met up with Suet and Peiwuon! Supaaaaaa ♥. Somehow I think both of them got prettier wtf. It feels different to be seeing them with boooks everywhere and with their student card around their neck.

Lylia, Derrick, Wenjie and Ti Kian then came over to meet up. Haven't got to see Wenjie and Lylia for more than a month wtf. Ever since SPM end! The feeling having to see everyone was so good I swear. While people walk pass our table, you get to see familiar faces from SriKL also. *shed a tear* Said the hellos and byes.

Everyone thinks I'm not studying anymore wtf. Why ah hello? A friend of mine actually said this to me, "Vivian why you wanna study? Just spot any rich guys here, get pregnant, and get married." Major WTF x FML. I wanna study okay! Its just that I'm taking the May intake instead of the Jan one and don't bother asking why I'm not taking March intake instead because Inti doesn't offers March intake and now its said that they have March intake already but I'm going to Taiwan in March so I can't enroll ok?! Don't think I'll be able to take my SPM results also wtf.

Farah, Ian and Saby came over for awhile then.

Pictures from Gnes's Macbook. His gonna be the best brother-in-law ever okay, Bzzz? *hint hint* Initially, he came over to accompany me meeting up with all my loves but Suet suggested karaoke so we went over to Neway and it sucks, SO BADLY!! I hate everything there -- from the room to the mic. Sound system was crap and the page where you get all the songs? IT WAS SO BLOODY CONFUSING. Now, don't be itchy and tell me that I'm too stupid to understand it okay wtf.

The only picture took in Neway. Suet is LOVE!

Picked Lylia up and went over to Snowflake for dessert. I was craving for their taroballs so badly!

Super aunty shot. Aunty Lylia took this.

Sho kewt Vivi HAHAHAAHAH ♥

I so did not pose for this. I was telling Lylia to note June 16 down because its Gnes's birthday!

Kewt #2

Kewt #3

Not kewt.

Movies at Pyramid. Have been wanting to watch Tiger Woohoo! because its always full! Like in every fucking cinemas. I tried my luck 3 times but its always full but the 4th time work teehee.

Before that, we had 2 hours to kill so we were walking everywhere to kill time and ended up inside Parkson because Hello Kitty wants to check Hello Kitty out. Oh and that is Zaotut Kitty hugging Hello Kitty by the way :P

Rating: 7/10.

Funny but stupid at a few scene. Not too bad but even if you didn't watch it, its okay. Not something very very very worth watching though but I must say, this is better than alot of Singapore movies lol.

*I felt so bad when Gnes fell asleep watching this wtf.*

Times up! Fetched Lylia home and my awesome day ended wtf.

I guess you're not too blind to notice the slight changes here and there. I'm out of ideas and I'm not fucking creative. I really dare not revamp my whole blog wtf. Don't tell me it looks like shit or whatsoever ok! I tried my best and I skipped brunch for this FML.

Loves, V.