04 January 2010

Why oh why.

Damn vain. I'm on my mask while typing this heh. I was going through Youtube yesterday night and I am so so so so so amazed by the guru's face! I couldn't help it but to request for a skincare routine from her lol. She don't look young nor too old but she still can keep her face so nicely. How can I not be impressed!

I realize as I grow older, my worried about my skin condition grew too. I am so damn paranoid ok. I don't wanna have any fucking zits on my face. The blackheads are killing me already! I found a few dark spots at my cheekbone but thats ok since its not obvious yet (STILL CAN SAVE WTF!) but when there's pimples I totally go out of control. Each time I pass by anywhere tht reflects at home, I cannot help but to go look at myself wtf, hoping that the redness will disappear itself ohgooooodddd.

How la how. Plus, I'm the 2nd laziest person (First goes to Peiwuon hehe) wtf. I clean my face everyday and I do masks weekly EXCEPT I don't like putting on anything on my face every morning or night ughh. Not even a sunblock lol. I find it damn troublesome and Murad don't smell good! They smell very weird not to say very chemical but err.. it just doesn't smell good. I'm really dying to try out Laneige so badly. Go Youtube Laneige and you'll be amazed on all reviews. So far, I haven't seen any bad reviews bout them.

Oh God Dear God, please give me a nice skin although I'm not gifted with a pretty face nor hot body. I don't wanna have a skin of a 30 year old when I'm only 17. Okay, turning 18 soon wtf.

Skip skip.

They came over to visit me the other day! Omg so happy to see Farah. So far, I have yet to find anyone who laughs louder than me except her wtf :P I'm sure yknow what I'm saying if you heard her laughing before. I'm missing you already wtf! T____T

Everyone's back to school. I wish I can wear the ugly orange shirt that does not matches the ugly green-ish blue skirt again.

Loves, V.

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