20 January 2010

Why did the word 'weight existed?

It makes me feel very depressed ok! I'm in the middle of my diet and how come my weight doesn't drop anymore! Its been almost a month and I've been really consistent on my meals but why do I still look so round! No that's not the most depressing thing. I've been meeting up with some really long-time-no-see friends and some of them would ask me if I put on weight T_T FML VERY MUCH OK WTF!!

People say weight and age is women's secret whereas incomes are men's secret. Hmm, I think I'm starting to agree coz I can never reveal my weight to anyone. Mummylove didn't even know bout' my weight until one day she decided to check on the weighing machine (it's digital) and found my record wtf. And when Sherlyn was over, she accidentally (or maybe purposely!) spill it out wtf. Oh greatz, I've no secret anymoreee.

Driving lessons have been really fun but yet stressful. I'm so bad at my steering that sometimes my instructor just wanna shoot me on the head haha. 2 more lessons to go and his pushing me for driving test real soon! I don't wanna fucking fail man wtf! Mummylove likes comparing me to her other 2 sons which is my brothers lol alooooott.

Ending the post with the handsomest photo of Daniel (i don't call him daniel at all wtf)!

Papparich to accompany him for his "homework" but how can anyone do any homework when there's me around?

Getting irritated..

We ended up playing BINGO and he got so addicted to it wtf! I was leading.. at first :(

Lan yeng.


Random much?

Loves, V.

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