27 January 2010

Peiwuon's 18th : Part 2

.... of karaoke! It was all Leo's idea to have karaoke because we both agreed that during my 18th birthday celebration, we did not get to see much. For your info, more mics does not mean you get to sing wtf because when you sing, they will be more people singing with you thus you can't hear your voice at all. At least that's what I thought wtf.

Nyehehehe so we didn't call many this time round! There were only 5 of us -- Peiwuon, Leo, Sherlyn, Shenkhai & I. Gawd, it makes me feel like karaoke again now.

Shenkhai and Leo.

I was so so so happy when I saw Shenkhai because he was wearing the top I got him for his birthday and apparently, he likes it hahaha. So much for worrying that he would wear it as pyjamas.

Buddies ;)


Okay she's very jin kak! She only asked for a photo when I was singing and I don't like it when people interrupt me when I'm singing ok!

Smelly and Leo.

Shenkhai and Smelly.

Why does Shenkhai always have to look this blur wtf.

Hello Leo, your legs are widely opened. Welcoming something? :P

Peiwuon, Sherlyn, Shenkhai.

Dowan introduce liao wtf.

I was having a bad face day wtf. Coz I loook horribly ugly in all photos!! As pale as ghost.

UglyVivi and Leo.

Bendan Smelly with Shenkhai's iPhone, Shenkhai and Vivi.

Shot 2 without iPhone wtf.

Very grumpy.

Aww, what's wrong? Chao kan? :P

I forgot what song was it wtf.

Why so happy one? AFFAIR AHHHH!!

Nope, they came into my picture. Not my fault!

Obviously they came into our picture lor wtf.



Very gemilang.

Sho kewttt ^^

Faster slap her before she goes Japan.

Okay la dowan slap liao.

They were trying to get a flying kiss scene but wtf you see how fail is Sherlyn or not!


Really bad face day -_-

TA-DAAAAAA! That sums up to Peiwuon's 18th birthday and hopefully baby, you had fun ok! Love love youuuuu.

Loves, V.

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