25 January 2010

Peiwuon's 18th : Part 1

In order to make the surprise a success one, obviously we lied. And it was one of those stupidest lie ever. "Omg, Elaine's engaged!!!" said FatVivi to Peiwuon on MSN a week ago. Obviously we had pictures of the ring and Elaine's "fiancé" to convince her. But sometimes I don't get why Peiwuon would actually believe to the bullshit we made up hahaha. Don't it sound a little ridiculous? Who does a BBQ party to celebrate an engagment??

Jinyang is the besterestest darling ever! He was there to fetch us there and back home and he lives all the way in Cheras! Thank you so so so much! I don't know if anyone enjoyed themselves but I had a pretty good night myself. We should do this often hahahaha! Next party should be Sherlyn's farewell *hint hint*

Smelly and Fats.

Derrick Khoo was there too! Its been exactly a year plus since I last saw him. Super miss my husband ok!

I miss my Fats alot, I kid you not. And the minute I saw him was to hug his smelly body.

Peiwuon and Derrick. They were having their own mini Biology class wtf! Peiwuon actually did her research at Bee's house instead of BBQ-ing.

Derrick, Jinyang, Sherlyn.

Left 4 Dead 2 soon okay!

The host, Bee!

Bee: "Dar, eeeeeee! SMILE WITH YR BRACES!!"

Take 2 before he got all high and gone.

Kaisheng and I. Oops, or should I say, Damien? ;)

She was learning the card trick from Sifu Gnes but she failed big times.

I love chaotut photos of you baby!

Proof to how horrible her skill is hahaha. Can't even fucking peep at a card LOL!



Birthday girl ;)

This is fun but horrendous! Played like 4 rounds of this and I nearly KO-ed but thank God for the birthday cake because it saved my ass from being drunk. I had to puke it all out to make sure I stay sober lor wtf. WHO IN THE WORLD CREATE RULES LIKE CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't sit still. It makes me feel damn dizzy lol.

Yes la even Peiwuon whose always the one telling me, "Drinking kills yr brain cells!" She had to drink too that night. No excuse haha.

I actually have the video of her surprise but its taking tooooo long to upload on Youtube so check the video out in another post ok!

Stronger than ever.

Its SengWhoJustHadAGirlHaircut!

Smelly, Vivi, Gnes! (How come Seng looks so cartoon HAHAHAHA!)

Paul Frank.

Damien! I like your new name alot.

Vivi, Smelly, Kaisheng, Ah Piao.

Jinyang and Fats with Derrick BBQ-ing at the back.

Stupid Fats just have to close his eyes.

Meet Emo-red Johnson.

Gnes just have to cover my face with that wtffff!

GoneCaseJayKhoo, TipsyVivi, RedKaisheng, TipsyVinic.

Shot 2.



Aiyoooo why did you close yr eyes Jinyang!

Smelly, Jinyang, Derrick.

Jinyang, Vivi and some extra hands wtf.

I think I was asking for a photo but she refused to? I don't remember at all.

Then, we knocked our heads wtf!

Confirm Gnes's masterpiece wtf.

She loves me liddat.

My husband and I.

"I live to eat."


Sunsilk Commercial.

He chose me over Smelly.

"I told you I lived to eat! What do you want from me?"

Love this!




I prefer the drunk Peiklian than the boring and quiet one wtf.


Jay and Peiwuon.


Ah! Finally done with the pictures. The analytics for today better be high wtf! Part 2 of Karaoke tomorrow to sum up her 18th birthday! Visit ok :P

Loves, V.

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