01 January 2010

Happy New Year '10!

A brand new year, a brand new start. Ho Ho Ho! Howdy, 2010 ;)

I don't actually sound that excited. I'm actually super worried bout this year wtf. Still thinking if there's any big shit that I have to go through or not. But anyway, no point wondering since I can't predict the future at all.

Still waiting for Mummylove to get me a new camera and that time, I'll snap every single random photos around me. I DON'T CARE EVEN IF I HAVE TO TAKE PHOTO OF A PLANT TO BLOG! Surveyed the market price and its RM999 but Eva's friend got it for RM920 and it comes with a 4gb memory card. Maybe that guy sold her at cheaper price cos she's pretty wtf! What does the RM999 one comes with! I'm so noob when it comes to camera sighh..

Okay anyway! Had an awesome New Year Eve's. A very simple but really happy one especially when I spent it with my beloveds! I'm so happy that God brought us together wtf. Yknow seriously, I don't know what to do without them especially when they are the ones who can tolerate so much with me without a word. And when you need them, they'll always be ready on call 24/7 just for you. Love love them!

Played my first virgin Twister wtf. I know I know! What era already and its only my first time playing Twister! And I really suck it in because I'm heavy and has no body balance liddat ._.

Had to filter them pictures all because the quality totally suck especially when its from a camera phone! Off to bed nowz. Gotta attend a stupid 6 hours talk tomorrow *yawns*

Loves, V.

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