11 January 2010

18th Birthday Celebration.

MAJOR LOL! I totally forgot about blogging and I didn't realize that I haven't been updating my miserable blog for so many days! Failure blogger on board :(

I know its not my birthday yet but I decided to celebrate it earlier since most of them are gonna start college on my birthday -- I'm super pissed about it ok wtf! Why did those stupid colleges had to start classes on that day itself! Out of 31days in January, it has to be 13th? Whaddafuckk. I have to admit that I was very unhappy on my birthday celebration, like seriously feeling so fucked up the whole fucking night. But I still thank everyone who made it there!

So anyway, it was supposed to be a celebration at home but since Mummylove thinks its too rushy for her to get all ingredients ready and she was feeling a little tired lately so I decided to cancel it. I'm truly sorry but thank you so many of you for delaying my time also ah! If you give me confirmation earlier and not drag my fucking time, we could've made a mini reunion and my bday celebration! Bottom line - NOT MY FAULT LOL!

Celebrated at Greenbox, Bukit Tinggi with a few of them. Initially it was 8 of them but somehow Peiwuon told me that a few of my other friends wanted to surprise me so its not a surprise anymore haha. Fyi, Bukit Tinggi is all the way at Klang and before you wanna ask me why didn't I invited you its because I don't think anyone of you from Subang, PJ bla bla would made it there. Transport problem right! No!! Don't tell me you would come all the way from anywhere just for me! I WONT BELIEVE HAHAHAHA.

Beh-san & Kok-san. Oh yeah, thank you so so much Gnes! For everything :P

Ex-aiya husband.

Cousin Alson left me a comment, "Why so zhong one ady?" Totally broke my heart wtf (U)

Sherlyn and Gnes.

Xingrou and Sherlyn. Omg seriously, everytime when we go karaoke with Xingrou she will not fucking sing at all! I don't know why she would be so willing to pay the RM40+ just to sit down and listen to people sing instead!!

I don't know how this happened.

Sherlyn, Gnes, FatVivi and Fats.

Chaotut Sherlyn.

Sherlyn, Gnes, FatVivi. We all look so happy HAHA!

Failed 2. Sherlyn has the shortest hands ever :P

SUCCESS! The pro is me :D

Eva, Xingrou and Suet.

Then Then Then Then! Thankyou for coming even when you're so tired after long hours of classes! Love youuuuuuuuu!

GangstaVivi bribing Bee with PeaceFats. Peiwuon's shot.

FatVivi, Bee and Fats.

Peiwuon, Huishuang and Eva!

2 love of my life. Peiwuon and Sherlyn.

Shot 1.

Shot 2.

Shenkhai and Peiwuon.

Peiwuon and FatVivi was singing 舞女. Hahaha!

SepetVivi and SepetPeiwuon.

I think Shenkhai is forever this blur hahaha!

Smelly and Suet.

StonerVivi and Leo.

I think this is my prettiest shot of that night HAHAHA!!

Xingrou, Huishuang and Bee.


Thank you for the cake!

FatVivi and Huishuang.

Damn chaotut shot wtf.

Okayla abit better :D

Thankyou Greenbox staff for this awesome shot! So candid, so pretty! Just look at how loving Leo and Shenkhai is. Oh and I love Peiwuon's ass :P

Groupie shot 1.

Groupie shot 2.



Stay tuned for part 2. Muahaha purposely wanna separate 2 parts :P

Loves, V.

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Happy birthday to you (in advance),

All the best for 2010 and keep blogging!

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Vivian Tan said...

thankiuuuu curtain!! <3