15 January 2010

18th Birthday Celebration: Part 3

I love birthday dinners! Okay honestly, I felt terribly fucked up nowadays. For once, I felt very spoilt by my family. Never have I felt this way before but just this once, I realize how much they pamper me. So maybe I should stop complaining that the parents are being unfair to bigbro and I hahahaha :P

I was quite reluctant to go for Daorae -- especially after spending so so much on camera yada yada. I felt really bad ok. So I kinda wanted to change places buthen Mummylove kinda insist cos I love Korean BBQs! Ok long story short, I could tell everyone wasn't really satisfied with the dinner lor buthen its kinda expected. My family is super chinese and they barely even eat any western.

3 utmost important man in my life! Shooo kewwwwwt shot :P

Ok very strict shot, daddyy.

Thankyou for everything..

New additional member to the family? Maybe? :D

Thankiuuuuu for the camera casing!

People say I look very alike with bigbro but besides our attitude are very much alike, I cannot find anymore similarity! I so thin, he so round. WHERE GOT ALIKE HAHAHAHAHA :P

He say he wanted a new Facebook profile pickchaaaaa.

So kewt lol.

Mum's face damn cannot make it wtf.

So right after dinner, Rachy came to pick me up and we went to yumcha together-gether. Headed over to Rainforest to chill abit. So when I was busy talking talking, I felt something behind me wtf. When I turned to my left, I saw Wing standing behind me and he said, "Happy Birthday!" but I was really damn stoned and I didn't know what to say so I replied him a "I hate you lor!" then on my right, I saw Munyoong towards our table with a birthday cake.

"I wish I wish I wish for good SPM results!"

Sorry damn pale looking but omg so good to see him again. Feels like 13 all over again.

And a big thankiu to mr KenVII for Rakuzen! He promised to buy me a dinner few months ago on my 18th. I think it was because I said I've never eat TGI before wtf dont laugh please. But somehow we sorta changed plans to Rakuzen so Rakuzen it was!

THANKIUUUU FOR DINNNERRR! You're shooo naissss :D

Not birthday also get to eat freee dinner! So good wtf.

I think this is the last time I'll actually go into a japanese restaurant to order these. I have no idea how to eat a set ok! I don't like miso soup and the rice is so omg wtf. I prefer eating sushi lor! Just bring me to Sushi King or anything will do liao!

All in all, I was really happy at the end although it was really rocky at the beginning. I felt really blessed with so many awesome people around me. Especially the birthday surprise, it really made my day and its so good to have surprise to end my 18th birthday liddat. I am touched not because of the surprise but because of the person who planned the surprise for me :/ I'm always running away from Rachy and this is actually our first time officially meeting each other and yet she surprise me liao.

Even Munyoong, Ah Wing and Wei Chern. Why got so nice person around oneee. I've only spoke to them less than dono how many times but they can surprise me liddat. So touched ok!

Thankkkkkiuuuu sho sho sho much Rachy!

Its abit late to say this but teehee,


Loves, V.

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