14 January 2010

18th Birthday Celebration : Part 2

After a long tiring night, finally my home it was! Sherlyn, Bee and Fats stayed over. We did stupid things together, laughed in the middle of the night wtf and massaged for each other HAHA! Okay la Smelly, you're officially a good massager ok! Next time cannot find work in Japan, maybe you should consider this HAHAHAHA!!

Anyway, took pictures with my new baby camera! Awwwwwww ♥ It was a birthday pressie from Mummylove. I didn't got the Canon IXUS 100 is but instead I got a Canon IXUS 120 is -- which results to my no allowance for 2 weeks cos the camera was over Mummylove's budget. So she decided to deduct it from my allowance zz but I thought it was all worth it!

My face damn chaotut in this picture wtf.

Fats and Bee!

FatVivi and Bee.

Okay despite his cannot make it face, I really love this photo.

Oh lookz, he haz a blueblack above his hehe LOLOL.

My miss SherlynBeh.

Miss Khoo.

3 big boobies. The reason why I wasn't in the photo is because I'm none of them wtffffff I kid you not.

Even he has bigger boobs than mine -.-

This is my favouriterestest photo!

Okehh sorry bout the nostrils wtf!


Bee and Sherlyn. Love this photo too!


He wanted to try on my mask ok! I did not forced him too wtf.

That's Bee massaging his hands for him but I guess he didn't like it HAHAHAHA.

And this is Fats massaging Smelly's leg hahaha.

This was the next day when we went for Bak Kut Teh at ss14. Sorry, the face really cannot make it wtf!

I swear this is a very effective way to cover yr eye circles lololol.

Then, it was FTZ for Left 4 Dead 2. Peiwuon's first time but sadly Sherlyn couldn't get to play with us.

Miss Khoo and Miss Tan.

Awwww, love this photo except for my cannot make it face -_-

Tadaaaa! Done with Part 2. Upcoming post: Part 3 of birthday day, dinners and surprise!

Ohmy, I love separating into 3 parts HAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

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