11 December 2009

Sri KL Graduation Night 2009.

Hello world! I'm sorry for the lack of updates; been really busy with the computer. Oh yes, my PC is as fit as ever! I was so so so happy when Mark saved all my pictures. You have no fucking idea how much the pictures mean to me. Its so easy for people to just tell me to format it when they don't even know how much I care for the pictures! When you know nothing, then just shut the fuck up please and thank you :)

So anyway, highschool has finally come to an end. Just like that. After all these 12 years of being in the same damn school, studying with the same people, its time to put a fullstop to it. If I really have a choice, I would be more than happy to start my life back in Form 1 again. It really scares me the other day when I thought of college. I don't know if my decision is right or not and I'm not ready to deal with college and peoples yet. I wasn't really happy nor excited after my last paper. I didn't know what to felt though; there's nothing much to be happy about.

Okay so anyway, the long overdue graduation pictures which.. everyone had already posted haha! I have the most cannot make it camera and I was fucking pissed at it that night but anyway, there you go.

Ms Hazel and the guys.

Sooteng. She's always feeding us with super yummy tidbits and biscuits.

Super tall Xingrou, Sooteng and I.


Xingrou, Vivi, Sooteng, Suet.

Shelly Belly and Vivi. I don't even have that waist -_-

Yvonne Goh and Vivi.

Farah. Hello babi, I love you so much k :D

Yuric, Farah, Nick and Vivi.

My aiyaaaaaaaaaaa ex husband with his pretty aiyaaaaaaaaaaa ex wife HAHAHHAAH!!

Kelvin HoT, the hengdai.

CB Jinyang.

Xingrou and Fatsss.

The tally and the dwarf :P

Kelvin and Farah.

Siching, Bryan, Jinyang, Yuric.

Princess, you'd always been a superb friend! I love you so so so so much and don't aiyer wtf!!

Stephy, Yeeing, Lylia, Vivi, Suet.

Wairen and Nielsen.

LOL DAMN CANNOT MAKE IT PHOTO!!! With Nielsen, Seng Giap, Cheehang, Zenvern, Wairen, Weisiong and Suet.

My brother and I.

Wairen and Yeeing.

Suet, Yeeing, Lylia, Eva, Xingrou, Stephy and Yuric's extra hand.


Yuric and 'Jane'.

Chunfai and I.

Stephy, Yeeing, Lylia, Suet, Vivi.


Thank you for teaching me how to take the LRT hahahahahaa :P

Seng Giap and I.

Ong Kian Beng!

Kelvin, Nielsen, William, Vivi.

Kelvin, Yuric, William -_-

Loveeeeeeeeeee! You're so super patient and superb nice to annoy wtf. Come to Mass Comm k!

My pilot prison break boyfriend hahahaha. James Chong.

Korean freaks, Bryan and Hanlun. Vivi and Wenjie.

The darling, Ryan Lim.

Chindian friend plus ex busmate, Rekha Shankar.

Weisiong and I hehehehe LOL.

JJ! You still owe me a ride lor.

Girls of Round Table 05'. Shermaine, Vivi, Zyan, Rekha.

Brother from another mother, Mr Small Lan hahahaha. There you go, Ian! :D

Ket Shun and I.

Maskurnia and I.

I swear he asked for it and I did not do it voluntarily lor!

Yeleng! Haven't seen her for ages and still looking so pretty.

Nielsen, Dhani, Keanwei, Ms Kova who speaks mandarin, Lylia, Vivi.

Wairen. If I fail Commerce, the only reason to it its because you did not sit next to me haha.

Eddie Chan, the dailou.

Choony. Spare me a pair of Vincci please?

Derrick, Eva, Vivi, Nick, Yeeing.

Dua sohai.

Nick, Derrick, Yeeing.

Cik Zafrina! Ex art teacher. So happy she still rmbrs me haha.

Kianguan, Kienboon, Vivi.

Bee and I used to think that he looks like the Jack from The Night Before Christmas haha. Khawee.


Eva Then?

Kila and I.

Hui Shuang.

Bryan. I will surely miss your sissy screams, wobbly man boobs and you fantasizing bout Taeyeon. Please miss the bruises and blue black I left for you hehe.

Nelson, Samuel, their friend =x, Vivi.

Dai Boh Leng! Shawn.

My fatty, Xingrou.


Charmaine Lee and I.

Ms Hazel. By any chance if you're reading this, I REALLY MISS YOU TEACHING LITERATURE!! Although it can be super boring at times and we cannot stop complaining but shy to say, I think I'm missing it now. I miss you trying to stop the boys in our class playing and you tried really hard to make us pay attention but still failed :P Its only a year but thank you so much! You should've cried that night, I was very looking forward to it haha.

Eva, Lylia, Ms Hazel, Yeeing, Vivi.

Aiman, monitor 08 and 09'.


Loves, V.

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