30 December 2009

A piece of my mind.

After 12 years being in Sri KL, I feel really really sad that it has finally come to an end. When we were in primary school, we wanted to be secondary students so badly but when the times come, we wanna just fucking get out of highschool asap. I'm sure many of us have the same thought. Yeah, its part of growing up. Okay great, highschool ended then you'll feel like rewinding everything and just go back to Form 1 all over again.

My highschool days were merely fine. No big dramas for me. You should all already know that I'm a chicken in an elephant body wtf. I have no guts at all not even to skip co-curiculum nor classes. Its really not my thing because at the end, I cannot even enjoy playing truant instead I'd start worrying like 'OMG WHAT IF ENCIK ASERI OR MR CHEW SUDDENLY CAUGHT US OMG OMG OMG?!' I had never once went for CS! I wanted to keep my record clean but I broke the school rule in the end. Regret? Absolutely no. Hey, CS wasn't that bad either! We were giggling and playing around the whole time.

Of course, I made really awesome friends and I'm really thankful that I met them. No doubt, at times they can be sucha pain in the ass but at the end of the day, you know they only have good intentions and nothing more. Honestly, I don't know how college life is gonna be like but it certainly do not sound as good as school. I am not even ready for it! I don't know what will I do without the usual ones in class. Going to college, looking at all unfamiliar faces, start making new friends yada yada yada.

Although I'm pretty sure and insist on my decision, I still have a little doubt in myself. I need to stop being fickle and start deciding my life, myself.

Loves, V.

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