12 December 2009

My memories were left behind.

I've been a superb good girl. Haven't been going out at all but I'm super broke wtf. You know how addictive e-shopping is?! Okay you probably not know because majority of my readers are from my school and like only 2% of the students shop online. The rest of the 98% may think that shopping online is so dangerous bla bla bla bla bla. I think if you actually found pieces of stuffs that you like, all of you would spend more than me wtf!

Anyway, I've been busy on my drama marathon again. The truth is, I did not stop all my dramas during my SPM either haha. But theres a few dramas that I reckon!

1. My Queen, 败犬女王.

I'm finally watching this drama after sucha long persuasion by Suet. When it was first out, I only watched the first episode but it was so fucking boring I swear I fell asleep not even half way thru the drama ok. Then, when its out on Astro, everyone seems to be watching it. Even the girls in my school who barely understands mandarin ok. Just finished it yesterday and I have to say its one thumbs up only lol. Its soooooo draggy! They could've just finish it by 12 episodes but why drag it to 21 episodes! I don't like how they ended it also.

Rating: 7/10.

2. Easy Fortune Happy Life, 福氣又安康.

I love this drama alot because Lan Cheng Long is in it woohoo! I think his super worth the drools lor. I don't remember if he has a good body or not but as long as his good looking, that's all that matters teeeeheeee. The storyline really deserves a two thumbs up. I don't know why but I lovee stories like that! Grandfather and Da Feng were both lying to Fu An; omgwtfdamnsadcandiedotcom. I thought Han Dong Jie was quite good looking in Woody Sambo but his look in this drama totally minus marks and he annoys me! He kept interfering Fu An and Da Feng's relationship grrr.

Rating: 8.5/10.

3. You're Beautiful, 미남이시네요/Minami Shineyo.

Best korean drama of the year ok! Maybe because the storyline of BOF is the same thing as Meteor Garden so there's nothing much to rave about. But this drama is so good that I can barely stop my tears right after episode 1. It was damn killing when I have to wait weekly just for 2 bloody episodes and they don't provide the trailer to it ughhh! Taekyung is sucha meanie at times but omg he looks damn good looking in the drama ok? I didn't really pay notice on him when he acted in Baby and Me. As for the actressss, truthfully I don't like her at all lol. I think I've seen her around Etude House before. Ambassador?

Rating: 9/10.

4. Buzzer Beat, ブザー・ビート.

Right after this drama, I realize the way Japanese people confess is really weird. And the way the express their love is soooo different. They do it in a rather sweet but not obvious way unlike western countries of course lol. Naoki and Riko looks so good together! The storyline is quite boring la actually and I didn't know why was I so obsessed with the drama so badly at that period but its quite worth watching. Not much worth crying scene also. I can't remember if I cried or not hahahaha.

Rating: 7.5/10.

5. That Fool, 그바보.

I LOVE KIM AH JOONG! I had always love her right after 200 Pounds Beauty and honestly, I don't give a fuck if she did her whole face or not because I personally think she's really awesome. Her voice, her looks, her acting skills is really worth giving a two thumbs up. Her partner in the drama is actually quite old lol. But if you love her, you should really watch it! I like it alot when she cried.

Rating: 8/10.

I'mma now watch 1 Litre of Tears teeheeee.

Loves, V.

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