25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!


Honestly, this is not my best christmas ever. Or you can say, its my first most uninteresting christmas haha but I did enjoy the company though. I am up for anything; going anywhere. I just didn't wanna be at home. The feeling of loner suck ballz ok?

Had a very last minute plan with Suet, Xingrou, Eva, Siuchen and Derrick. Guess who drove? Suet! This is my worst experience being a passenger wtf. I literally feel like dying when I was sitting at the back. She's sucha road noobie wtf! She don't even recognize the road at all! How can liddat! But anyway, we made it to Daore safely. Thank God!

It took us a freaking half an hour for our seats and people couldn't stop cutting our line! Thank God I enjoyed my meal very very much. Or else, I would've came out of the restaurant with a super grumpy face wtf.

Derrick drove us home. It was so fucking funny and I couldn't stop my laughter ok! We were almost reaching home already and then Suet realize that.. Derrick didn't turn on the lights wtf wtf wtf. I think Derrick is trying to train his drifting because he never brakes when he needs to turn in a corner wtf wtf. He gave Suet a big big scare hahahaahah. Got some beers to chill at Xingrou's house.

Eva looks like a dumb blonde barbie wtf.

Then when it was 12am, we took a group picture together-gether!

Loves, V.

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