19 December 2009

I like the way you look in the morning.

Mad happy!!!!

Mummykins has finally agreed to get me a camera as my 18th birthday present! Since I can get sponsor, obviously I'm not getting the Canon Powershot E1 anymore. Oh wait, when I was surveying for cameras, Canon E1 is no longer in the websites. So I supposed its no longer available?

Anyway, I still have a budget ok wtf. If only the budget is higher then I can get Lumix LX3 or Canon S90. I was thinking about Canon IXUS 100. cWey wants to get a Sony TX1 which isn't that bad because the panorama shot is superb cool! But it exceeded the budget wtf wtf. How how how how?

But I won't be able to be the first to use the camera anyway *cough* Because every gadget has to be tested, examined and approved by my beloved cWey. But yknow, I'm trying to get a super girly camera just so noone in this house would dare to bring a girly camera out hahahaha. The camera is said to be mine but somehow the old camera - Olympus 770sw would be mine instead I think wtf because everyone would start taking the new camera and no one would wanna use the old camera anymore.

So realistic family.

Loves, V.

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