26 December 2009

Expect the unexpected.


Like seriously, it had never been this bad and it really sucks to see wtf! Its so super depressing to see the analytics going down and there's nothing I can do about it. Why why why why why! But the thing is.. why is my money increasing when the analytics are so damn bloody low? :P

Anyway, have been so damn bloody free and lifeless. All I do everyday is to eat, sleep, online, drama and bath. I barely even have the chance to go out and have fun ok so sad can die. I'm like on my most financial crisis right now and I need money so damn badly wtf! Oh and, I'm working next month! Only for a week but the pay is so attractive wtf. So even if it falls on my 18th birthday, I'm still gonna work for the moneyyyyyy. Never go against money ok wtf!

Blog again soon. I feel like a loner lately wtf. Damnsadcandie.

Loves, V.

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