21 December 2009


Sorry, that's Vinglish.

I look like a freaking dead corpse with super pretty panda eyes right now. Super insufficient of beauty sleeps lately - of sleeping at 5am everyday, waking up at godly hours & going out every single damn day. I wish I'm now at Thailand enjoying my massage wtf!

And I don't understand how people can do this daily. How the fuck do you even take a rest?! Its either I'm too old for all these already or you just don't need to sleep.

Have been away to Bee's house for the past few days. I thought we were pretty lifeless because we're always at AC doing nothing but foos, pool and ftz or either Pyramid wtf! We're at KL! We should've go to the malls in KL instead but why did we end up in Subang again ughhhhhhh! Plus, seeing Hendrich's face for 3 days makes me wanna puke HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay la sayang sayang.

Omg I cannot tahan already. Gonna watch Sweetheart and snooze off to bed!

My damn godly face wtf!!

Loves, V.

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