22 December 2009


I love tong yuens to death! Dongzhi feels like every single day to me except I get to eat my favourite tong yuen as much as I like because there's barely anyone who eats it teehee. On normal days when I request for tong yuen, Mummykins will start giving me excuses bla bla bla. Omg, best dessert ever!

Its best taken when its cold! Love it love it love it. Its more.. chewy compared to when its hot. Okay la, actually I'm eating it while blogging about it wtf. Mum just came in to screw me up cause I'm actually eating it at 12am FML.

I don't know why when we were young, Mum would give us the number of tong yuen according to our age. What sense does it makes ah? But she's getting lazier year by year. It used to have 3 color tong yuens but now.. there's only 2. Sooner or later, there's only gonna be 1 color left wtf! And she likes to put alot alot alot of ginger to the soup omgggg I hate it okay wtf! I don't like the spicyness in my tongue. Its so disgusting but she claims that ginger got bla bla bla usage to our body bla bla bla bla.

I don't know what I'm talking about either. I guess I'm tooooooo worried bout my test tomorrow. I'm having a phobia already okay wtf.

Its my last time doing it and I'm gonna fucking do it well!

Loves, V.

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