14 December 2009

Bad Romance.

The clouds were really pretty yesterday!

I am officially a loner. I swear I'm pretty much feel friendless at this moment because I do not know where all my friends are FML.

I don't know whats Peiwuon doing right now but as a super obedient daughter, she's most probably with her mum enjoying shopping. Gneslover is not in the country wtf and so is Jennilover whose currently in Korea. Smellyn is having her japanese class and this will be her only routine until she officially goes to Japan.

Bee is not online so I guessed she's out. Fats is never free so no point dating him. Venice is busy with college. I don't know where is Xingrou but she should at least be online! And every end of the year, I only have one friend with me and its none other than Ms. Bendan aka Choong Wee Lee!

It made me realize how limited my friends are and wtf I need to start making friends! I forgot how it feels like to be getting shy when you make friends hahaha. I wanna take a break from Malaysia so badly. I wanna smell KLIA. I wanna hear the noise made in KLIA. I wanna get stupid airsick from the plane that makes me puke so badly.

Home alone for daysssss and if it weren't for these 2 fluffballz

...... I would've die of loneliness ughhhh.

Loves, V.

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