31 December 2009


Jeng jeng, its the last blog post of the year! Tomorrow, its gonna be a whole new year and I pray hard for it to be a good year for me wtf. Not to say that 2009 have been bad to me but it wasn't really that great either. I want a ass-kicking awesome year please! So weird to be saying 2010 as 2010 wtf. Need some time to get used to it.

New Year's Resolution

1. To reach my 15 kg target. This has always been my new year's resolution number 1 but it never seems to work smoothly. There's always someone trying to make me eat wtf! And, you can never say no to yummehhh food ok its damn sinful but eating is a bigger sin wtf.

2. Don't chi kek Mummy. There's really alot of stuffs that I can't mention nor I have ever told anyone. Like really, not even a single person except myself. I've done the craziest things ever, resulting her being sad and angry but still she forgives me for every single of my mistakes. I'm not a bad kid don't get me wrong but I'm not really that obedient either :P

3. Save more money! Okay, fuck it. This has to work! I am so sick of being cashless. In fact, I'm very much cashless now too. With only RM20 in my bleeding wallet, I can still go out wtf. Oh yes, 2009 have been my super money spending year especially after I get a big raise in my pocket money. It feels like heaven! I need to save money for many many stuffs in 2010!

4. Stop eye-ing on 2010's angpau money. Honestly, I doubt this will work or maybe I would cancel this soon enuff wtf.

5. Complain a little lesser than usual. Hmm, maybe this wouldn't work too hahahaha.

6. Spend necessarily. I'm a sucker when it comes to this. I can buy a top that I couldn't wear and put it at home in my wardrobe collecting dusts LOL! The top was quite cute when I first saw but now whenever I see it, I literally feel like burning that top wtf. It makes me feel so pissed that I'm still very much far away from my ideal weight. I need to fucking fit in that top!

7. Spend more quality time with ze family and friends. You got that right, not friends and family. I don't know if I'll end up going out everyday like most college students or not but I don't wanna drift apart from my family members. So have to put them as my first priority. Second comes friends! Sigh but with everyone all over the places, I wonder if we could actually spend time together or not.

8. To get a fucking driving licence. Maybe this shouldn't be here... or maybe it should! I'm so afraid if I'm gonna fail my driving test again and again lol. I actually just drove home and Mum is so fucking scared hahahahahahaha. She was so scared that she was laughing but she was scared. If you get what I mean wtf. So yes, must get this one and make my brother's drop jaws!

9. Get more analytics. Sometimes I really feel damn pissed at my readers and myself wtf. Sometimes I also feel like crying when I see my analytics ok. I need to raise em' up!

10. Make more money from NuffnangMY. You can never say no to moo-lah, can you? ;)

There it is. My 10 new year's resolution. Note that I didn't put, "Spend less money!" :P

Happy New Year 2010! Have a good year ahead!

Loves, V.

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