08 November 2009


Please tell me you miss me!

.. at least have the courtesy to cheer me up fo' once even if its a lie wtf.

You're probably sick of the number of times I said I sinned. Omg yes I am so super sinful that prolly when I die next time, no GodS would accept me wtf. They would prolly just throw me in hell. And I honestly think, lazy girl like me should just die in hell. Stupid nuff to curse myself but really, am just speaking the truth.

As most people know.. SPM is just around the corner. Mum's friends tend to forget my age. Its very relieving though because then they wouldn't know when the results are out. No offence but I think we all know how kaypoh aunties can be RIGHT??! But I think the rummy and mahjong sessions are quite effective wtf. They have like really awesome memory and now whenever they see me they would ask me super lotsa stuffs bout SPM. Hand me the gun please wtf.

Althought parents don't give me much pressure but its not very nice when someone asks them about my results and my results is nothing but shit wtf. I am so paranoid about it and yet I haven't been studying much! I had never aimed for As in my life because I don't like to have the feeling of disappointment at all. I like surprises and by surprises I mean like when I'm not aiming for an A but somehow I got an unexpected result! Woohoo, oh the joy!

Please, wish me luck.

With love, Vivian.

1 bombs thrown:

Vivian Tan said...

hmm.. not needing one of those pal ;)