15 October 2009

You already know I'm not a touching material.

Can anyone please kidnap me from my house now and bring me for karaoke! Mum grounded me from going out until SPM ends teehee. If you're having that awww-poor-thing thinking in mind, you're wrong. Although staying at home is super boring but after experiencing a serious financial problem last week, I am more than willing to stay at home until I have money!

It is always easy to spend money but why is it so difficult to save and earn money?

I hate being broke. Fuckkkkkk!

I remember having plannings to get the Canon Powershot E1 in Baby Pink few months back. I was super excited bout saving money and I even told Peiwuon my plan and if I'm determined enough, I'll get the camera before Taiwan at the end of the year. YAY! Uh oh, my plan went down the toilet bowl wtf.

Mum and cWey always tells me the same thing whenever I see something that caughts my attention. "You like everything.." I'm starting to agree. While I was looking through a few of my favo blogshops today, I basically feel like robbing the bank but I would obviously end up like what happened to the bomb explosion in Hong Leong bank last Friday at Kota Kemuning :P

Anyway, Bee has been constantly reminding me about my upcoming 18th birthday in.. 3 months *coughs* So near yet so far LOL! I have nothing in mind. I don't wanna celebrate it at home anymore. Can I just call pizzas and organize a sleepover with the girls, sipping on alcohols and call it a celebration? I think I prefer to have a simple birthday this year hehe.

Oh and I have a love to spread!

Nike Air Force 1 High 08 LE Women's Shoe in Black/Anthracite-Berry.

Nike Air Force 1 Premium LE Women's Shoe in Black/Swan.

But most of all, I want this super badly. So badly that I really really feel like robbing everyone to get this pair of love.

I would love to have it in either green, orange or maybe a little dash of neon pink.

It was love at first sight. I need to get a new pair of shoes to go overseas. I've been wearing the same pair since 10 wtf! FML FML. I came across this but noone seems to know where to get it in Malaysia. Is it even out yet? Oh god, I don't care if you guys are gonna say I'm not a dunk person or whatsoever because I am so in love with this!!

Nights ohmeees.

Loves, V.

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