07 October 2009


Mum called today during school. It is quite unusual for her to call of coz especially when she knows that I will be having classes at that time. She even texted me a super unusual message wtf!

Are you at school??

So I started to wonder la wtf. Maybe some stupid fella texted my mum to tell her that I played truant! But even the blinds should know that I will never have the guts to ponteng school without the acknowledgement from my mum duh. I'm borned ballez liddat haha. So I miscalled her and waited for her to call me back wtf. Very stingy I know.

But when she called, Ms Hazel was talking talking talking bout the English Trials paper so I couldn't pick up her call. When I came back, Aunty Jasmine was telling me that mum was very worried about me. So the story is..

There's this random overseas number who called but mum picked the call up. This crazy girl was crying and screaming over the phone, "妈妈,救我! 快救我!" (Mum, help me!) in super accurate mandarin. It was a china girl wtf. Mum described her scream as those screams which can make you have goosebumps eeeeee. Well obviously mum knows its not me a....nd my mum answered her, "你是骗子!" (You're a conman!) Woah immediately that girl stopped her fake crying and scream and replied my mum, "你叫我骗子?!?!" (You're calling me a conman?!?!) Then mum ended the convo.

Seriously, I think that girl is just stupid liddat wtf. I've received a call before something similar like Kenny Sia's except that mine asked me on a survey of which country would I like to go to wtf and they will send me there FOR FREE. This lady was very nice at the beginning, very friendly to me but her voice immediately changed after she asked for my age wtf. I was only 15 that time. Few days later, she did called and tell me that I won this lucky draw and its a trip to Korea.

Aiyo please man. Do they actually have the brain to think that they need to change their slang ah! I don't even call my mum MAMA! So free call from overseas wtf. Anyway, if you're smart enough you'll find out that I'm actually posting this to fill the deadness of my blog hehe. I can write this in short :P.

The next time you receive call liddat, scold them okieeeeeeee! Throw badword bombs at them!

Goodnight lovelies :)

Loves, V.

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