24 October 2009

Me want too!

I want to blog about Graduation toooooooooooooo! Guess you and I just have to wait for the photos to be up after.. SPM lololololol.

Yesterday was a superb night! I'm so thankful that I did not trip and fall. I cannot stop stepping on my own dress and it was really disturbing. Everyone looked so so different when dressed up. Like seriously omfgwtfbbq! Could barely recognize Xingrou when she walked in from the entrance wtf.

Ugh. I'm super not in the mood right now. Oh yes, blog will be dead until 9th of December. I shouldn't have take Commerce. No, I shouldn't. I've put myself in a deep shit and I don't know how to clean the shit up now wtf. SPM is only 3 weeks away and I feel really guilty. Like honestly. For not studying, for disappointing my parents.. So for now, I'm not going out wtf and i'mma study! Be a studious student.

Goodbye for now.

Lotsa love, V.

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