20 October 2009

Love, can you hear me cry?


I am totally feeling the sin and guilt in me! Of overspending and being as lazy as ever. How am I supposed to make it up to the parents this time? I don't even spend so much during the Chinese New Year but its just a highschool graduation and I spent like there's no tomorrow. I spend more than I usually do and so Momsy is giving me less pocket money. How to survive! My phone credit is forever dying his few months. It usually stays with a few more bucks but its totally dry now and I just reloaded and its almost drying again -_-

I've been constantly digging money out from the red packet this year and tadaaa, its officially dried! I cannot believe that all the RM50 notes is gone just like that and I don't know what I've been spending! I desperately need to control myself and prolly stop looking at the every killing blogshops but I haven't been buying stuffs online lately. Going out too often is bad too. RM200/month also not enuff ='(

Bryan says I'm not ladylike enough and I've been swearing too too much lately. Now you know how scary PMS is. I am so paranoid and tension bout graduation. Die die :(

Off to watch Beth Cooper. Nights lovelies!

Loves, V.

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