12 October 2009

I'm taking back my love.

I've been busy!

Absofuckinglutely busy preparing for my upcoming graduation day the weekends of last week. Went shopping with Mum and spent crazy amount. At least to me its crazy because I haven't been spending like that for yearssss especially on a time like that. I felt really guilty though because everyone have been telling me that a RM180 for a Vincci heels don't worth it at all wtf. The best thing is.. the price of my heels is more expensive than my graduation dress hahaha.

I don't know why did Mum agreed to get me those.. It was pretty at first sight but if you ask me again now, I don't know what adjective to use on it wtf. Not like it really matters la I'm gonna wear a long dress. People don't go around looking at your heels, do they? Oh dear Farah, please come up with our Mini Prom plan! I don't want things to fail again this time. Lovelove :P

Got back a few results. As usual, most of the bad ones were expected wahahaha. Quite satisfied but not up to the result that I want. I'm gonna start studying real soon and will go officially away from blogging world for a month's time. Will post stupid scheduled posts again of course. You know my thing? No post = no analytics = no money. NUFF SAID!

Loves, V.

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