02 October 2009

I love that rock & roll.

"Out of 10, 9 of them are equally selfish.. "

My analytics needs some desperate pumping! :O

Nooooz. I can already predict my crappy results this trials. Hello Kitty can kiss SAM goodbye. I seriously wish you would join miserable Vivi in Mass Comm. Well.. that's if I'm gonna do it in Taylors okehh hahaha. But one thing I really have to feel touched bout is that I've never tried this hard for exams. Not that I don't the past exams but even after I know that forecast results ain't important to me, I still did the best I could.

Suprisingly, I did not miss any questions out this time round. By question I meant 1, 2, 3 not a), b), c)'s hahahaha. I mean like the usual me would've just skip the whole question I don't know and without even trying. So am pretty proud of myself esp when I was doing Econs! Commerce, Science and History can go fly kite and I wish the kite is stuck in the tree. I don't wanna know the results of my trials at all wtf.

Today marks my most sinful day for the past 2 months. I had Korean food in the afternoon and Japanese for dinner! T___T Blame temptation! ....& cSeong!! Not that I'm a fan of Japanese food but I really wanted to try how chicken katsu curry taste like but its nothing but like every other mamak stores' dhal wtf. I had like super lotsa fried foods today! No heavy food for Vivi tomorrow.

So happy to see Paps happy. He can even joke and chat with the Anaesthetist. Checked my BMI and thank God I'm in healthy condition. My height did not change since I was 14. So I guess I stopped growing vertically since then wtf. I'm standing at 168cm. But when I checked it today with some height measurement thing, I was 166.5cm. WTF WTF WTF WTF! I was damn heart broken -_-. I was wondering how did I shrink 2cms. Then I checked it with another height measurement, I'm back at 168cm. Phew!

Hehe. I checked my weight also.. the weighing machine in the hospital shows that I lost 4kgs HEHEHEHEHEHEHE. But obviously not la wtf. Mum and I got so happy for a second when we knew both of us lost weight wtf? Well, I did lost weight but its 2kgs not 4kgs -___________- I'm still so far away from my ideal weight sighhh.

Gotta go have some beauty sleep. I've been sleeping at 130am for the past few days and have to wake up at 6am! You see how much I sacrificed this exam! Goodnight sweetums ;)

Loves, V.

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