24 October 2009

Me want too!

I want to blog about Graduation toooooooooooooo! Guess you and I just have to wait for the photos to be up after.. SPM lololololol.

Yesterday was a superb night! I'm so thankful that I did not trip and fall. I cannot stop stepping on my own dress and it was really disturbing. Everyone looked so so different when dressed up. Like seriously omfgwtfbbq! Could barely recognize Xingrou when she walked in from the entrance wtf.

Ugh. I'm super not in the mood right now. Oh yes, blog will be dead until 9th of December. I shouldn't have take Commerce. No, I shouldn't. I've put myself in a deep shit and I don't know how to clean the shit up now wtf. SPM is only 3 weeks away and I feel really guilty. Like honestly. For not studying, for disappointing my parents.. So for now, I'm not going out wtf and i'mma study! Be a studious student.

Goodbye for now.

Lotsa love, V.

20 October 2009

Love, can you hear me cry?


I am totally feeling the sin and guilt in me! Of overspending and being as lazy as ever. How am I supposed to make it up to the parents this time? I don't even spend so much during the Chinese New Year but its just a highschool graduation and I spent like there's no tomorrow. I spend more than I usually do and so Momsy is giving me less pocket money. How to survive! My phone credit is forever dying his few months. It usually stays with a few more bucks but its totally dry now and I just reloaded and its almost drying again -_-

I've been constantly digging money out from the red packet this year and tadaaa, its officially dried! I cannot believe that all the RM50 notes is gone just like that and I don't know what I've been spending! I desperately need to control myself and prolly stop looking at the every killing blogshops but I haven't been buying stuffs online lately. Going out too often is bad too. RM200/month also not enuff ='(

Bryan says I'm not ladylike enough and I've been swearing too too much lately. Now you know how scary PMS is. I am so paranoid and tension bout graduation. Die die :(

Off to watch Beth Cooper. Nights lovelies!

Loves, V.

18 October 2009

Pankun & James.


James is super adorable! I wanna have a dog like James too :(

Loves, V.

17 October 2009

Will Pan's Ever 1st Concert in Taiwan!

I don't know how it taste like but one thing in common I know which is.. we both knows how to fried rice now ehehehe.

AHHHHHHH! His concerts on the 6th of December. WHY ISN'T IT LATER HUH!!! THAT WAY I CAN GO THERE TOOOO!! :((((

Loves, V.

16 October 2009

Next Stop, Happiness.

This has got to be the best drama of the year.

15 October 2009

You already know I'm not a touching material.

Can anyone please kidnap me from my house now and bring me for karaoke! Mum grounded me from going out until SPM ends teehee. If you're having that awww-poor-thing thinking in mind, you're wrong. Although staying at home is super boring but after experiencing a serious financial problem last week, I am more than willing to stay at home until I have money!

It is always easy to spend money but why is it so difficult to save and earn money?

I hate being broke. Fuckkkkkk!

I remember having plannings to get the Canon Powershot E1 in Baby Pink few months back. I was super excited bout saving money and I even told Peiwuon my plan and if I'm determined enough, I'll get the camera before Taiwan at the end of the year. YAY! Uh oh, my plan went down the toilet bowl wtf.

Mum and cWey always tells me the same thing whenever I see something that caughts my attention. "You like everything.." I'm starting to agree. While I was looking through a few of my favo blogshops today, I basically feel like robbing the bank but I would obviously end up like what happened to the bomb explosion in Hong Leong bank last Friday at Kota Kemuning :P

Anyway, Bee has been constantly reminding me about my upcoming 18th birthday in.. 3 months *coughs* So near yet so far LOL! I have nothing in mind. I don't wanna celebrate it at home anymore. Can I just call pizzas and organize a sleepover with the girls, sipping on alcohols and call it a celebration? I think I prefer to have a simple birthday this year hehe.

Oh and I have a love to spread!

Nike Air Force 1 High 08 LE Women's Shoe in Black/Anthracite-Berry.

Nike Air Force 1 Premium LE Women's Shoe in Black/Swan.

But most of all, I want this super badly. So badly that I really really feel like robbing everyone to get this pair of love.

I would love to have it in either green, orange or maybe a little dash of neon pink.

It was love at first sight. I need to get a new pair of shoes to go overseas. I've been wearing the same pair since 10 wtf! FML FML. I came across this but noone seems to know where to get it in Malaysia. Is it even out yet? Oh god, I don't care if you guys are gonna say I'm not a dunk person or whatsoever because I am so in love with this!!

Nights ohmeees.

Loves, V.

12 October 2009

I'm taking back my love.

I've been busy!

Absofuckinglutely busy preparing for my upcoming graduation day the weekends of last week. Went shopping with Mum and spent crazy amount. At least to me its crazy because I haven't been spending like that for yearssss especially on a time like that. I felt really guilty though because everyone have been telling me that a RM180 for a Vincci heels don't worth it at all wtf. The best thing is.. the price of my heels is more expensive than my graduation dress hahaha.

I don't know why did Mum agreed to get me those.. It was pretty at first sight but if you ask me again now, I don't know what adjective to use on it wtf. Not like it really matters la I'm gonna wear a long dress. People don't go around looking at your heels, do they? Oh dear Farah, please come up with our Mini Prom plan! I don't want things to fail again this time. Lovelove :P

Got back a few results. As usual, most of the bad ones were expected wahahaha. Quite satisfied but not up to the result that I want. I'm gonna start studying real soon and will go officially away from blogging world for a month's time. Will post stupid scheduled posts again of course. You know my thing? No post = no analytics = no money. NUFF SAID!

Loves, V.

07 October 2009


Mum called today during school. It is quite unusual for her to call of coz especially when she knows that I will be having classes at that time. She even texted me a super unusual message wtf!

Are you at school??

So I started to wonder la wtf. Maybe some stupid fella texted my mum to tell her that I played truant! But even the blinds should know that I will never have the guts to ponteng school without the acknowledgement from my mum duh. I'm borned ballez liddat haha. So I miscalled her and waited for her to call me back wtf. Very stingy I know.

But when she called, Ms Hazel was talking talking talking bout the English Trials paper so I couldn't pick up her call. When I came back, Aunty Jasmine was telling me that mum was very worried about me. So the story is..

There's this random overseas number who called but mum picked the call up. This crazy girl was crying and screaming over the phone, "妈妈,救我! 快救我!" (Mum, help me!) in super accurate mandarin. It was a china girl wtf. Mum described her scream as those screams which can make you have goosebumps eeeeee. Well obviously mum knows its not me a....nd my mum answered her, "你是骗子!" (You're a conman!) Woah immediately that girl stopped her fake crying and scream and replied my mum, "你叫我骗子?!?!" (You're calling me a conman?!?!) Then mum ended the convo.

Seriously, I think that girl is just stupid liddat wtf. I've received a call before something similar like Kenny Sia's except that mine asked me on a survey of which country would I like to go to wtf and they will send me there FOR FREE. This lady was very nice at the beginning, very friendly to me but her voice immediately changed after she asked for my age wtf. I was only 15 that time. Few days later, she did called and tell me that I won this lucky draw and its a trip to Korea.

Aiyo please man. Do they actually have the brain to think that they need to change their slang ah! I don't even call my mum MAMA! So free call from overseas wtf. Anyway, if you're smart enough you'll find out that I'm actually posting this to fill the deadness of my blog hehe. I can write this in short :P.

The next time you receive call liddat, scold them okieeeeeeee! Throw badword bombs at them!

Goodnight lovelies :)

Loves, V.

06 October 2009

SPM Trials.

... officially ended!


Did a little driving today after tuition and its my first time driving back home. I think I did pretty good! But yknow whenever I start to self-praise abit, cSeong would just answer me, "屁!" wtf. Maybe not that good but its not exactly that bad also okehh. His always exaggerating! I am a very safe driver. O:)

Still deciding when to take my undang. Thinking on whether to go next week or the day after graduation night. Ugh, so not in the mood to take wtf. I wish I can just skip it and listen to my 6 hours.


Bee if you will still be in KL this Saturday, we go Times Square and Sungai Wang together okehh! I needa go for bag and heels hunt. Peiwuon is coming along and we're taking the LRT there hahahaha. So unusual of her I know :P. Gimme a ring!

Loves, V.

02 October 2009

I love that rock & roll.

"Out of 10, 9 of them are equally selfish.. "

My analytics needs some desperate pumping! :O

Nooooz. I can already predict my crappy results this trials. Hello Kitty can kiss SAM goodbye. I seriously wish you would join miserable Vivi in Mass Comm. Well.. that's if I'm gonna do it in Taylors okehh hahaha. But one thing I really have to feel touched bout is that I've never tried this hard for exams. Not that I don't the past exams but even after I know that forecast results ain't important to me, I still did the best I could.

Suprisingly, I did not miss any questions out this time round. By question I meant 1, 2, 3 not a), b), c)'s hahahaha. I mean like the usual me would've just skip the whole question I don't know and without even trying. So am pretty proud of myself esp when I was doing Econs! Commerce, Science and History can go fly kite and I wish the kite is stuck in the tree. I don't wanna know the results of my trials at all wtf.

Today marks my most sinful day for the past 2 months. I had Korean food in the afternoon and Japanese for dinner! T___T Blame temptation! ....& cSeong!! Not that I'm a fan of Japanese food but I really wanted to try how chicken katsu curry taste like but its nothing but like every other mamak stores' dhal wtf. I had like super lotsa fried foods today! No heavy food for Vivi tomorrow.

So happy to see Paps happy. He can even joke and chat with the Anaesthetist. Checked my BMI and thank God I'm in healthy condition. My height did not change since I was 14. So I guess I stopped growing vertically since then wtf. I'm standing at 168cm. But when I checked it today with some height measurement thing, I was 166.5cm. WTF WTF WTF WTF! I was damn heart broken -_-. I was wondering how did I shrink 2cms. Then I checked it with another height measurement, I'm back at 168cm. Phew!

Hehe. I checked my weight also.. the weighing machine in the hospital shows that I lost 4kgs HEHEHEHEHEHEHE. But obviously not la wtf. Mum and I got so happy for a second when we knew both of us lost weight wtf? Well, I did lost weight but its 2kgs not 4kgs -___________- I'm still so far away from my ideal weight sighhh.

Gotta go have some beauty sleep. I've been sleeping at 130am for the past few days and have to wake up at 6am! You see how much I sacrificed this exam! Goodnight sweetums ;)

Loves, V.

01 October 2009

Pankun & James.

Freaking adorable!!!

This is a scheduled post.

Loves, V.