03 September 2009

The time of my life.

I feel so left out from the world and I've got so much readings to read. Got the shocked of my life when I see the number of readers cut down by HALF. No readers = no money. Realistic much? Too bad then, this is life. Still, I have to thank those to keep the boring blog going.

So sad to see the computer functioning but I can't use it. I really cannot bare to format my C drive just like that. All my really valuable pictures are in it and I did not back it up of course wtf. I never expected this to happen but now I've learned my lesson. D drive is so far away from C drive so to save time, I always save my things in C drive. *major big sigh*

School's still school. Trials is in 10 days. Prolly its a hint from God to get my computer busted just in time for me to start studying. Oh and, I heard Graduation Day is brought forward. I'm starting to panic if my dress would come on time? You see, they only send out dresses from Taiwan if the supplier at Taiwan have the stock in hand. So if they don't have stock, I wouldn't get my dress. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the dress to reach. How now brown cow??


I'm in dilemmaaaaaaa. I hate how I'm dealing with this kind of things again after getting rid of it for 3 years. Why is it coming back to me again?? I'm getting really unfamiliar with everything.

Did you know that things were never meant to be this way? I'm trying to keep a distance.

A text from you can simply make my miserable day skip skip to the super happy mode.

Oh God, this is not good.


I'm still thinking if its my fault for downloading dramas or the boy's fault for playing with his whatever games in some websites that causes my computer to this state!!


Lesson learned: Never borrow your computer.

..unless you wanna end up like me.
or, I'm just unlucky like that.

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