13 September 2009

Thoughts of life.

Okay so you have to bare with my post without pictures for I don't know how long and you are probably tired of reading my post without pictures because I too, am tired of blogging without pictures. I cannot even be bothered to take photos of anything whenever I'm out now. I am losing my patience or more like cannot give a fuck bout what condition the pc is in right now.

All I know is that I won't format it until the last way fails on me. So cSeong got the windows cd from KenVII already and I found the Repair button. Happy! .. but it leads me to some black page that comes with some welcome note and a C:// (Berry say this is the command prompt or wtv it is) which I don't know what and how to deal with it.

If only Berry is here to save it but too bad, I've never seen Berry in my life. Shy to say but Berry is a friend I met from the net through Rachy since I was 13. His just like my personal computer doctor because his the only person I can turn to when my pc decided to pms on me. Oops, sounds like a Berry post already :P

But anyway, the only computer doctor nearby is none other than Mark Hwang! I hope his free enough to drop by my house for bit to save the bloody shitty pc.


I AM SUPER TIRED!! Watched 怪谈 with cWey yesterday and it creeps the bloody shit outta my soul. I don't like watching it but its so super interesting that you cannot not watch it. Dozed off at 230am and had to wake up at 930am today. Its so typical that mums like to exaggerate the time huh? It was only 930 but she said it was 10! Half an hour makes a very big difference ok dont argue.

Banting-ed the whole day. Kepoh-ed bout the family probz and met the most interesting thing ever. This is my ever first time seeing someone 'ki tang'. Its 'seong tong' in cantonese and 'shang tong' in mandarin. If you know none of the language then forget reading and go to bed now.

I don't know which God went into AhChai's body but it was tres interesting. Mum and aunts call him 'tong zi' which dad said its one of the twos that stands next to Guanyin. He was smoking 5 ciggies at one shot and in 1 hour, he finished 2 big packet of ciggies. One minute, he would be crying and then laughing! He said that I should pay attention on my studies now and quit thinking bout' having a boyf which is wtf damn true because I made up my mind to pay full focus on my studies on Friday hahahaha. Then he also said something bout me having bright future for my studies/work. Okay don't call me superstitious but I do believe :P


Loves, V.

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