16 September 2009

SPM Trials.

Trials started on Tuesday and I'm certainly not enjoying every moment of it. I got super panic when I had to enter the exam hall. It actually made me realize that SPM is only 62 days away wtf. How come so close one!! I thought it should be like 3 months away wtf.

Did my BM papers and English 1. I think I actually went out of topic wtf? Oh God, please don't tell me that my 100marks just went down the drain liddat. I think Rumusan was quite tough for me though. I spent like 30minutes on that section and 15minutes on my Question 4 which is my novel wtf. And the most disappointing thing that had ever happened to me is that I totally forgot Hilmi and Hayati's name!! I sort of know how to do that question but but.. how did I forgot their names when I actually did a little revision with Wenjie before the paper started :(

3 papers tomorrow. History 1, English 2 and Moral. Last minute studying is soooooooooo exciting wtf. Wish me luck!

Loves, V.

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