04 September 2009

How could this happened to me?

Random fact:

I tried to smile at few juniors I know but they never seem to reply me wtf. So I'm rude or their rude? I'm just trying to be friendly :(


I'm trying to keep this blog going with strictly no pictures. Maybe I should stop blogging for others and blog for myself. Monday's a holiday bout some islamic thing which I do not know but happy! Lunch with Stephy and Xingrou after school at Papparich. Yay! It wasn't crowded prolly becos the muslims are on their puasas now. So this is prolly gonna last for a month only? :/


Graduation is confirmed on the 23rd. Thank goodness. But still, the dress!! Hopefully it'll come mid of this month to surprise me a little when the SPM Trials are going on. Speaking of Trials, I am not worried bout me doing bad. I am worried of why am I not worried instead wtf wtf. I still have the mood to think of everything hahaha. Prolly should start listening to Weisiong and start studying! Good time to study before the computer comes back alive.


I've been carrying the undang book with me lately and I'm super excited and scared. I don't wanna fail and Mum warned me to NOT fail. Its an order from her actually. Apparently, cWey who is not interested in studies at all can get a 46/50. I should get like better than him wtf. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ALL THESSSEEE! I did the 500questions -_- But i'm still super panic bout tomorrow.

So if you love me, pls pray for me? A text message is well needed to cheer me up and take away my takutnesssss



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