21 September 2009

In case you didn't know..

I am certainly not dead yet.

Hello world!

Dusts are all over my PC and I cannot be bothered to clean it up at all. KenVII's windows cd didn't work and I think I'll just stick with the last way which is getting the hard disk out and prolly put it into Mark's. Well, that's if he allows lol.

Anyway, a short update?

I just came back from Genting with Peiwuon & her family. It was a very last minute decision. Well if you do not know yet, I have a big problem with Genting. Not that I hate Genting but I pretty much dislike Genting. Why? Not because the freaking rumour ghost thingy majig scares the bloody shit outta me. I hate the road!

You have no godamn idea how much do I hate it. It gives me fucking headaches and that feeling is obviously no good and sucha turned off. I hardly go to Genting unless I really feel like taking a break from down here (Woah, I felt so godly!) or else I will not even tag along!! I was okay when we were going up, just that when I got down the car, I had to take a moment to actually stand still without Peiwuon wtf. But the road down from Genting, ITS HORROR. Trust me, my hatred towards the road is much much more than just red bold capital words.

Gotta go get some sleepz. Nighty night.


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