11 September 2009

Hu Ge Clea Va Ge!

I love this song the best. I've searched high and low for someone who can play this well but noone beats Hins. This is the tempo I'm looking for.

Piano makes me feeel guilty and regret. I've stopped piano since 13 and was at Grade 6 practical and Grade 5 theory. My piano teacher have been teaching me eversince I was 6 I guess. She watched me grow from kindergarten up till sec school. But it was my stupid decision to stop piano although she wanted me to think again.

I'M SERIOUSLY REGRET FOR STOPPING PIANO. I had the thought of continuing again after SPM but just for the fun of it not gonna go for grades. I really suck at piano now like as if I'd never learn piano in my life wtf! The only song I can recall playing is The Entertainer and Canon in D. Worse is.. my Canon in D is not in a complete version wtf wtf. I only learnt how to play the first sheet then I stopped. I've been failing my exams alot back then :P. If only I wasn't that lazy.

I love music but I really hate practicing! Oh yeah and 5 minutes ago, I thought of searching for her through Facebook. We haven't been seeing each other for bout 4 years. I can't really recall her face and I found her in Facebook!! I got Mummykins to double check with me. I literally feel like crying when I saw her... I messaged her on Facebook and hopefully she'll reply! :)

She's a mother of 2 sons now.. Time really flies huh?


2 bombs thrown:

HsienLe said...

Hey hey hey, if you have the notes for this song, I wanna have it too.. ><

Who is your piano teacher? Grace?

Vivian Tan said...

awww, i want this too! i know theres places that you can download it out. i love this song :) my piano teacher? shes not from kk.