23 September 2009

Dresses arrived!

I really gotta thank Cristy姐姐 so so much for her help. Otherwise.. I wouldn't be able to get these two lovelies. So much for worrying if it will arrive on time or not. Thank god it came this week. Now, I have more time to prepare for other stuffs. What? Don't look at me liddis. Its my senior year :)

Anyway, I'm actually having problems with my dress as while.. I can't zip up at my bust area wtf. Not because my boobs is big but because I have excessive fats all over my body. I took 1 freaking hour to figure out ways to zip it!! You see how bad it is now :( Thank god I don't look WIDE in both dresses. Tube dresses makes me look like a dumpling wtf. Big nono to them although you cannot deny that tube dresses are quite hot though sigh :/

Oh yes, submitted everything to Bel and now we're awaiting him to get his expired passport done and then we're good to go! Taiwan, it've been quite sometime.. *shed fake tears off wtf* Speaking of Bel, he pampered me with my favourite lamb in the whole wide world the other day!! Sucha good brother! I had all the lamb by myself since Peiwuon and her mum doesn't like the scent of the lamb. mhmm!

Smellyn is happy for her dress. She makes me happy hehe. Oh right, guess what I had for brunch? I had one whole box of strawberry that cWey bought from Cameron. I miss the taste of rice.. :/

Loves, V.

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