26 September 2009

Dream big and fall deep.

I've been watching superb lots of movies lately and honestly, I love The Ugly Truth alot. No I did not went out this whole week okay; I swear I've been a good girl. But I went out with Peiwuon last week to watch 2 movies and a had a little fun with the karaoke teehee. Anyway, if you haven't watch it, go watch it now. I think its really worth the RM10.

Rating: 9/10.

And then, I just finish watching Bring It On: Fight to the Finish just now. Omg I love all Bring it Ons! Although I do not have that stupid dancing gene in me and can you believe it.. Peiwuon, Sherlyn and I were in the cheerleading team when we were in Standard 6 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg so funny can die wtf and I still have the uniform with me and the polaroid photo in my purse! So valuable moment wtf.

But of course la cheerleading back then wasn't famous at all -_-. I don't know what made us join cheerleading also but I have to say we were quite brave last time compared to now hor. Or either, I'm the only one who become more and more timid ugh whatever.

Rating: 5/10.

Ouh wait! But Cody Longo is the hottest compared to the other Bring it Ons.

No really, I swear his fucking hot in the movie. Its the picture problem!

You see! In this photo, he look like his about to suck my blood out till I'm superb dry like Edward Cullen.. or maybe he can be the next Edward? :P

Check him out. ;)

Loves, V.

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