25 September 2009


All of us were looking forward to the trip since months ago.
We worked it out and now that everything is discussed, some minor arguments popped out and became some major problem. I literally felt like dying.

I had to persuade both ways. No one was fucking there to cheer me up when my tears was rolling. I wanted this to work so badly and now we had to cancel the whole fucking trip because of a minority. Everyone plays a important role; not to say if you don't go, it wouldn't make a difference. Honestly, you played the biggest role. You are supposed to be our tour guide, love.

But even if we throw another discussion and everything is okay by then, I don't know if everyone's gonna be happy. If one have to tolerate and 'tahan' the other, I don't see the point of the trip anymore. Isn't going on a trip supposed to be a happy thing?

Love, I apologize for not telling you that the plan initially was expensive and we were doing researchers ourselves behind you. Probably it was our fault for not telling you.

We were so happy bout' it at the beginning. What happened to now? What is all those anger, tears and depression about??

Loves, V.

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