05 September 2009


I'd never hated myself this much.
I'd never felt this depressed in my life so far.

I'd reached a point where I really wanna stop seeing everyone and live in a world of my own. The minute I stepped home, my tears starts to flow like the river. I feel so ashamed and I feel so sorry. Its like I do not know how to deal with life anymore..

.... even though its just a small mistake and this is probably the tiniest thing of my life but it still made sucha big impact to me. I may be fine the next day but one thing I'm sure of; I am definitely not feeling good today.

This is part of life. But, I can't seem to take the pain.

It feels like a phobia. I was dreaming bout everything in my 2 hours nap. I am really very unappreciative and taking this for granted I guess. I felt so stupid like the stupidest person in the world.

If you ask me what it is, I may not tell you. Not because I don't want to. I just don't know how to start it. So, quit asking.

Thank you lovelies for the comments on Facebook. I teared the minute I saw them. So sweet of you all.

Sometimes I wonder why am I so weak when dealing with all these.

Now let me cry it all out today and leave me alone. Phone to be on silent and no phone calls. Don't ask why.


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