27 September 2009

Aging badly.

I realize.. I am no longer as young as I used to be wtf. I don't look young; people say I look like 20 and I always ask Peiwuon how old do I look like when I'm out with her and she always answer me, "20!" FML.

There was once this stranger who works in California Fitness came up to me and start telling me the benefits of joining the gym. Ok la I knew he said that because of my size wtf. After his yadayadayada, he asked me if I'm in college. I shooked my head and answered, "I'm only Form4." He walk away with a :O!!

Omg la tell me I don't look old please. I usually don't know whether to feel happy or sad when someone say I look mature. And this has happened to me since I was 11. Omg the pyramid incident when some random passerby wanted to ask for Peiwuons number and he didn't believe that we're in primary school hahahaha. He stood outside ToyCity waiting for us to come out omg damn funny can die dot com. Oh he also said we look like 17.. and we were only 11 daymnnn. WTF WTF WTF FML FML FML.

Recently, I realize I do not stay up late anymore. Well, I do but my body starts to call for help at 1am although my mind is wind awake. But I'm super weird! This only happens to me when I'm at home but when I'm out with my friends.. I wouldnt wanna go home early and I won't get sleepy nor tired. Stupid brothers are influencing me I think.. Nooozzzz, I'm not gonna go clubbing till clubs tutup and bak kut teh at 6am like them :P

And super happy to say this, I'm no longer a fan of talking on the phone! I get really grumpy answering phone calls lately. Pre or post PMS, idk but boiling the phone is out of my list. I felt like I had a burnt ear last night when talking to Bee, for an hour only but it was good hearing her voice again after months. Maybe I still like talking on the phone.. but it depends on whose the person who call right HAHAHAHAH :P

Anyway, I'm gonna go all nerdy next week 8D. Wonder why the school puts all reading subject in a week! They really have the intention to drive students crazy lor. I burnt one of my week liddat teehee but thankgod trials are not what I'm gonna aim lol.

Take care and good luck to everyone whose gonna sit for their SPM Trials and PMR! Vivi give you lotsaaa lucks.

P/S: I really hate it when people tell me what to do. I know what I should do myself and don't volunteer to be my alarm and warn me okay! I know myself better than you do. If you have alot to tell, keep it to yourself for I do not wanna know why. Afterall even if I wanna fuck my life up, its still my life. Go google translate it if you don't understand English. :)

P/P/S: I am not pissed. Laoniang in super good mood teehee.

Loves, V.

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