09 September 2009


I know I haven't been writing some happy post but that's because I haven't been happy lately. There's nothing to feel excited bout' well unless you say Trials is something I should be looking forward to.

Chatbox has been removed and will not be up until the day I think it should be back. I don't know what's up with my thinking lately but I just figured that I don't need people's comments. But if you have something to say, comments are not disabled. Simply click on the post and post a comment that's it.

Living a super dull life lately. I literally do not know what to do after my computer just went MIA like that.

Farah just showed me this super awesome blogger with the same age as me but thinner version of me, prettier version and one thing I can asure you is that she really have the brain. By brain, I don't mean smart (i don't know if she is) but she's really creative. Yasmine Tran she is. I had always wanted to shred a top after TiC's post but totally had no idea where to start off with and another reason is probably, I dare not even try.



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