30 September 2009

Panda has hickups.

This is a scheduled post.

Loves, V.

29 September 2009

Weather reporter lost control.

Hahahahaahaahaha but this lady is damn dotdotdot. The way she laugh is damn funny lol.

This is a scheduled post.

Loves, V.

28 September 2009

Oops! Your dentures, uncle!

Hahaha! Funny!

This is a scheduled post.

Loves, V.

27 September 2009

Aging badly.

I realize.. I am no longer as young as I used to be wtf. I don't look young; people say I look like 20 and I always ask Peiwuon how old do I look like when I'm out with her and she always answer me, "20!" FML.

There was once this stranger who works in California Fitness came up to me and start telling me the benefits of joining the gym. Ok la I knew he said that because of my size wtf. After his yadayadayada, he asked me if I'm in college. I shooked my head and answered, "I'm only Form4." He walk away with a :O!!

Omg la tell me I don't look old please. I usually don't know whether to feel happy or sad when someone say I look mature. And this has happened to me since I was 11. Omg the pyramid incident when some random passerby wanted to ask for Peiwuons number and he didn't believe that we're in primary school hahahaha. He stood outside ToyCity waiting for us to come out omg damn funny can die dot com. Oh he also said we look like 17.. and we were only 11 daymnnn. WTF WTF WTF FML FML FML.

Recently, I realize I do not stay up late anymore. Well, I do but my body starts to call for help at 1am although my mind is wind awake. But I'm super weird! This only happens to me when I'm at home but when I'm out with my friends.. I wouldnt wanna go home early and I won't get sleepy nor tired. Stupid brothers are influencing me I think.. Nooozzzz, I'm not gonna go clubbing till clubs tutup and bak kut teh at 6am like them :P

And super happy to say this, I'm no longer a fan of talking on the phone! I get really grumpy answering phone calls lately. Pre or post PMS, idk but boiling the phone is out of my list. I felt like I had a burnt ear last night when talking to Bee, for an hour only but it was good hearing her voice again after months. Maybe I still like talking on the phone.. but it depends on whose the person who call right HAHAHAHAH :P

Anyway, I'm gonna go all nerdy next week 8D. Wonder why the school puts all reading subject in a week! They really have the intention to drive students crazy lor. I burnt one of my week liddat teehee but thankgod trials are not what I'm gonna aim lol.

Take care and good luck to everyone whose gonna sit for their SPM Trials and PMR! Vivi give you lotsaaa lucks.

P/S: I really hate it when people tell me what to do. I know what I should do myself and don't volunteer to be my alarm and warn me okay! I know myself better than you do. If you have alot to tell, keep it to yourself for I do not wanna know why. Afterall even if I wanna fuck my life up, its still my life. Go google translate it if you don't understand English. :)

P/P/S: I am not pissed. Laoniang in super good mood teehee.

Loves, V.

26 September 2009

Dream big and fall deep.

I've been watching superb lots of movies lately and honestly, I love The Ugly Truth alot. No I did not went out this whole week okay; I swear I've been a good girl. But I went out with Peiwuon last week to watch 2 movies and a had a little fun with the karaoke teehee. Anyway, if you haven't watch it, go watch it now. I think its really worth the RM10.

Rating: 9/10.

And then, I just finish watching Bring It On: Fight to the Finish just now. Omg I love all Bring it Ons! Although I do not have that stupid dancing gene in me and can you believe it.. Peiwuon, Sherlyn and I were in the cheerleading team when we were in Standard 6 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg so funny can die wtf and I still have the uniform with me and the polaroid photo in my purse! So valuable moment wtf.

But of course la cheerleading back then wasn't famous at all -_-. I don't know what made us join cheerleading also but I have to say we were quite brave last time compared to now hor. Or either, I'm the only one who become more and more timid ugh whatever.

Rating: 5/10.

Ouh wait! But Cody Longo is the hottest compared to the other Bring it Ons.

No really, I swear his fucking hot in the movie. Its the picture problem!

You see! In this photo, he look like his about to suck my blood out till I'm superb dry like Edward Cullen.. or maybe he can be the next Edward? :P

Check him out. ;)

Loves, V.

25 September 2009

Gary 曹格 Justin 侧田.

Part 1

Part 2

Gary apologizes via Media Press Part 1

Gary apologizes via Media Press Part 2

Gary apogizes.

Justin apologizes.


Loves, V.


All of us were looking forward to the trip since months ago.
We worked it out and now that everything is discussed, some minor arguments popped out and became some major problem. I literally felt like dying.

I had to persuade both ways. No one was fucking there to cheer me up when my tears was rolling. I wanted this to work so badly and now we had to cancel the whole fucking trip because of a minority. Everyone plays a important role; not to say if you don't go, it wouldn't make a difference. Honestly, you played the biggest role. You are supposed to be our tour guide, love.

But even if we throw another discussion and everything is okay by then, I don't know if everyone's gonna be happy. If one have to tolerate and 'tahan' the other, I don't see the point of the trip anymore. Isn't going on a trip supposed to be a happy thing?

Love, I apologize for not telling you that the plan initially was expensive and we were doing researchers ourselves behind you. Probably it was our fault for not telling you.

We were so happy bout' it at the beginning. What happened to now? What is all those anger, tears and depression about??

Loves, V.

24 September 2009


You just gotta love 100% and Show Luo!

Loves, V.

23 September 2009

Dresses arrived!

I really gotta thank Cristy姐姐 so so much for her help. Otherwise.. I wouldn't be able to get these two lovelies. So much for worrying if it will arrive on time or not. Thank god it came this week. Now, I have more time to prepare for other stuffs. What? Don't look at me liddis. Its my senior year :)

Anyway, I'm actually having problems with my dress as while.. I can't zip up at my bust area wtf. Not because my boobs is big but because I have excessive fats all over my body. I took 1 freaking hour to figure out ways to zip it!! You see how bad it is now :( Thank god I don't look WIDE in both dresses. Tube dresses makes me look like a dumpling wtf. Big nono to them although you cannot deny that tube dresses are quite hot though sigh :/

Oh yes, submitted everything to Bel and now we're awaiting him to get his expired passport done and then we're good to go! Taiwan, it've been quite sometime.. *shed fake tears off wtf* Speaking of Bel, he pampered me with my favourite lamb in the whole wide world the other day!! Sucha good brother! I had all the lamb by myself since Peiwuon and her mum doesn't like the scent of the lamb. mhmm!

Smellyn is happy for her dress. She makes me happy hehe. Oh right, guess what I had for brunch? I had one whole box of strawberry that cWey bought from Cameron. I miss the taste of rice.. :/

Loves, V.

22 September 2009

Twilight Saga.

New Moon anyone?

Too bad I'm gonna be sitting for my SPM when its out wtf.

21 September 2009

In case you didn't know..

I am certainly not dead yet.

Hello world!

Dusts are all over my PC and I cannot be bothered to clean it up at all. KenVII's windows cd didn't work and I think I'll just stick with the last way which is getting the hard disk out and prolly put it into Mark's. Well, that's if he allows lol.

Anyway, a short update?

I just came back from Genting with Peiwuon & her family. It was a very last minute decision. Well if you do not know yet, I have a big problem with Genting. Not that I hate Genting but I pretty much dislike Genting. Why? Not because the freaking rumour ghost thingy majig scares the bloody shit outta me. I hate the road!

You have no godamn idea how much do I hate it. It gives me fucking headaches and that feeling is obviously no good and sucha turned off. I hardly go to Genting unless I really feel like taking a break from down here (Woah, I felt so godly!) or else I will not even tag along!! I was okay when we were going up, just that when I got down the car, I had to take a moment to actually stand still without Peiwuon wtf. But the road down from Genting, ITS HORROR. Trust me, my hatred towards the road is much much more than just red bold capital words.

Gotta go get some sleepz. Nighty night.


16 September 2009

SPM Trials.

Trials started on Tuesday and I'm certainly not enjoying every moment of it. I got super panic when I had to enter the exam hall. It actually made me realize that SPM is only 62 days away wtf. How come so close one!! I thought it should be like 3 months away wtf.

Did my BM papers and English 1. I think I actually went out of topic wtf? Oh God, please don't tell me that my 100marks just went down the drain liddat. I think Rumusan was quite tough for me though. I spent like 30minutes on that section and 15minutes on my Question 4 which is my novel wtf. And the most disappointing thing that had ever happened to me is that I totally forgot Hilmi and Hayati's name!! I sort of know how to do that question but but.. how did I forgot their names when I actually did a little revision with Wenjie before the paper started :(

3 papers tomorrow. History 1, English 2 and Moral. Last minute studying is soooooooooo exciting wtf. Wish me luck!

Loves, V.

13 September 2009

Thoughts of life.

Okay so you have to bare with my post without pictures for I don't know how long and you are probably tired of reading my post without pictures because I too, am tired of blogging without pictures. I cannot even be bothered to take photos of anything whenever I'm out now. I am losing my patience or more like cannot give a fuck bout what condition the pc is in right now.

All I know is that I won't format it until the last way fails on me. So cSeong got the windows cd from KenVII already and I found the Repair button. Happy! .. but it leads me to some black page that comes with some welcome note and a C:// (Berry say this is the command prompt or wtv it is) which I don't know what and how to deal with it.

If only Berry is here to save it but too bad, I've never seen Berry in my life. Shy to say but Berry is a friend I met from the net through Rachy since I was 13. His just like my personal computer doctor because his the only person I can turn to when my pc decided to pms on me. Oops, sounds like a Berry post already :P

But anyway, the only computer doctor nearby is none other than Mark Hwang! I hope his free enough to drop by my house for bit to save the bloody shitty pc.


I AM SUPER TIRED!! Watched 怪谈 with cWey yesterday and it creeps the bloody shit outta my soul. I don't like watching it but its so super interesting that you cannot not watch it. Dozed off at 230am and had to wake up at 930am today. Its so typical that mums like to exaggerate the time huh? It was only 930 but she said it was 10! Half an hour makes a very big difference ok dont argue.

Banting-ed the whole day. Kepoh-ed bout the family probz and met the most interesting thing ever. This is my ever first time seeing someone 'ki tang'. Its 'seong tong' in cantonese and 'shang tong' in mandarin. If you know none of the language then forget reading and go to bed now.

I don't know which God went into AhChai's body but it was tres interesting. Mum and aunts call him 'tong zi' which dad said its one of the twos that stands next to Guanyin. He was smoking 5 ciggies at one shot and in 1 hour, he finished 2 big packet of ciggies. One minute, he would be crying and then laughing! He said that I should pay attention on my studies now and quit thinking bout' having a boyf which is wtf damn true because I made up my mind to pay full focus on my studies on Friday hahahaha. Then he also said something bout me having bright future for my studies/work. Okay don't call me superstitious but I do believe :P


Loves, V.

11 September 2009

Hu Ge Clea Va Ge!

I love this song the best. I've searched high and low for someone who can play this well but noone beats Hins. This is the tempo I'm looking for.

Piano makes me feeel guilty and regret. I've stopped piano since 13 and was at Grade 6 practical and Grade 5 theory. My piano teacher have been teaching me eversince I was 6 I guess. She watched me grow from kindergarten up till sec school. But it was my stupid decision to stop piano although she wanted me to think again.

I'M SERIOUSLY REGRET FOR STOPPING PIANO. I had the thought of continuing again after SPM but just for the fun of it not gonna go for grades. I really suck at piano now like as if I'd never learn piano in my life wtf! The only song I can recall playing is The Entertainer and Canon in D. Worse is.. my Canon in D is not in a complete version wtf wtf. I only learnt how to play the first sheet then I stopped. I've been failing my exams alot back then :P. If only I wasn't that lazy.

I love music but I really hate practicing! Oh yeah and 5 minutes ago, I thought of searching for her through Facebook. We haven't been seeing each other for bout 4 years. I can't really recall her face and I found her in Facebook!! I got Mummykins to double check with me. I literally feel like crying when I saw her... I messaged her on Facebook and hopefully she'll reply! :)

She's a mother of 2 sons now.. Time really flies huh?


10 September 2009

What's up with your Hu Ge?

I thought this is something interesting I should share.

Hu Ge Clea Va Ge I Li Ke Clea Va Ge. Whats up with your Hu Ge Clea Va Ge?

Have you figured the words out yet? Haha.

Loves V.

09 September 2009


I know I haven't been writing some happy post but that's because I haven't been happy lately. There's nothing to feel excited bout' well unless you say Trials is something I should be looking forward to.

Chatbox has been removed and will not be up until the day I think it should be back. I don't know what's up with my thinking lately but I just figured that I don't need people's comments. But if you have something to say, comments are not disabled. Simply click on the post and post a comment that's it.

Living a super dull life lately. I literally do not know what to do after my computer just went MIA like that.

Farah just showed me this super awesome blogger with the same age as me but thinner version of me, prettier version and one thing I can asure you is that she really have the brain. By brain, I don't mean smart (i don't know if she is) but she's really creative. Yasmine Tran she is. I had always wanted to shred a top after TiC's post but totally had no idea where to start off with and another reason is probably, I dare not even try.



07 September 2009

The blurest of em' all.

Vivi: "Mummy, I want wantan mee zheng wantan,"

Unknown: "HUHH?!"

Vivi: *shocked to hear that it wasn't my mum's voice and i quickly hang up*

I was panic wtf. Then I found out, the unknown was Peiwuon wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. Stupid girl is making fun of me now!

..& I thought she couldn't really hear what I said. So embarrassing can die.


05 September 2009


I'd never hated myself this much.
I'd never felt this depressed in my life so far.

I'd reached a point where I really wanna stop seeing everyone and live in a world of my own. The minute I stepped home, my tears starts to flow like the river. I feel so ashamed and I feel so sorry. Its like I do not know how to deal with life anymore..

.... even though its just a small mistake and this is probably the tiniest thing of my life but it still made sucha big impact to me. I may be fine the next day but one thing I'm sure of; I am definitely not feeling good today.

This is part of life. But, I can't seem to take the pain.

It feels like a phobia. I was dreaming bout everything in my 2 hours nap. I am really very unappreciative and taking this for granted I guess. I felt so stupid like the stupidest person in the world.

If you ask me what it is, I may not tell you. Not because I don't want to. I just don't know how to start it. So, quit asking.

Thank you lovelies for the comments on Facebook. I teared the minute I saw them. So sweet of you all.

Sometimes I wonder why am I so weak when dealing with all these.

Now let me cry it all out today and leave me alone. Phone to be on silent and no phone calls. Don't ask why.


04 September 2009

How could this happened to me?

Random fact:

I tried to smile at few juniors I know but they never seem to reply me wtf. So I'm rude or their rude? I'm just trying to be friendly :(


I'm trying to keep this blog going with strictly no pictures. Maybe I should stop blogging for others and blog for myself. Monday's a holiday bout some islamic thing which I do not know but happy! Lunch with Stephy and Xingrou after school at Papparich. Yay! It wasn't crowded prolly becos the muslims are on their puasas now. So this is prolly gonna last for a month only? :/


Graduation is confirmed on the 23rd. Thank goodness. But still, the dress!! Hopefully it'll come mid of this month to surprise me a little when the SPM Trials are going on. Speaking of Trials, I am not worried bout me doing bad. I am worried of why am I not worried instead wtf wtf. I still have the mood to think of everything hahaha. Prolly should start listening to Weisiong and start studying! Good time to study before the computer comes back alive.


I've been carrying the undang book with me lately and I'm super excited and scared. I don't wanna fail and Mum warned me to NOT fail. Its an order from her actually. Apparently, cWey who is not interested in studies at all can get a 46/50. I should get like better than him wtf. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ALL THESSSEEE! I did the 500questions -_- But i'm still super panic bout tomorrow.

So if you love me, pls pray for me? A text message is well needed to cheer me up and take away my takutnesssss



03 September 2009

The time of my life.

I feel so left out from the world and I've got so much readings to read. Got the shocked of my life when I see the number of readers cut down by HALF. No readers = no money. Realistic much? Too bad then, this is life. Still, I have to thank those to keep the boring blog going.

So sad to see the computer functioning but I can't use it. I really cannot bare to format my C drive just like that. All my really valuable pictures are in it and I did not back it up of course wtf. I never expected this to happen but now I've learned my lesson. D drive is so far away from C drive so to save time, I always save my things in C drive. *major big sigh*

School's still school. Trials is in 10 days. Prolly its a hint from God to get my computer busted just in time for me to start studying. Oh and, I heard Graduation Day is brought forward. I'm starting to panic if my dress would come on time? You see, they only send out dresses from Taiwan if the supplier at Taiwan have the stock in hand. So if they don't have stock, I wouldn't get my dress. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the dress to reach. How now brown cow??


I'm in dilemmaaaaaaa. I hate how I'm dealing with this kind of things again after getting rid of it for 3 years. Why is it coming back to me again?? I'm getting really unfamiliar with everything.

Did you know that things were never meant to be this way? I'm trying to keep a distance.

A text from you can simply make my miserable day skip skip to the super happy mode.

Oh God, this is not good.


I'm still thinking if its my fault for downloading dramas or the boy's fault for playing with his whatever games in some websites that causes my computer to this state!!


Lesson learned: Never borrow your computer.

..unless you wanna end up like me.
or, I'm just unlucky like that.

02 September 2009

老娘的美丽日记: Yogurt Mask.

Main Ingredients: Purified water, Collagen, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Walnut, Birch, Yogurt Extract, Nanospheres, Algae-Yeast Complex, Mucopolysaccrides, Hyaluronic Acid, Bio-active Silanols, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Triethanolamine, Tween 20, Methyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl paraben, Propyl Paraben, Perfume.

Main Characteristics: Softens and whiten skin, restore skin’s resilience and radiance for use on normal skin.

Usage: Moisturising, Oil Control, Refreshment (esp recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity)

Suitable Skin Type: All skin types esp oily skin.

Vivi says: The smell isn't too strong nor yogurty but it was really refreshing. Like the Apple, I can't tell much difference but when I woke up the next morning (I always do mask before sleeping), my face got a little brighter? Worth you trying :)

Rating: 3.5/10.

Please read at your own risk. Every information above are cropped from websites and comments given are based on my personal opinion.

01 September 2009



It all happened after I borrowed the kid to use my bloody computer and it ended up like that. All gone. I did not save all my important files to my D drive so if I were to format my C drive, everything will be gone. JUST LIDDDDAAAAAAT niaput. Damn fcking pissed!!

Will be MIA for bit.