08 August 2009

Will you marry me?

Rating: 10/10.
(I wanted to give this a 11. Bukit Tinggi has the biggest seats and coldest aircond. But do you know what? The bunch of girls sitting next to me is the noisiest ever!)


Parents went Phuket yesterday morning and left me with nothing to do. Hmm, prolly I should be studying. I actually had the sudden urge to flip open my book today but I realize.. all my books are left in school FML. I'm planning to go back to school to get it back next week but I don't think we're allowed to, are we? I don't wanna waste a week doing nothing at home like that! When SriKL is not closed, I want it close so badly but now that its closed, I want it to be open as usual! :(

Its a Saturday and I'm home alone whereas cWey is out for dating and cSeong is out partying! Yeesam, if you're reading this, I'm sorry that I cannot attend your birthday as promised because Peiwuon & I couldn't find a transport back home. So sorry!


Most of my pink plates comes from Tamago and its my only favourite japanese sushi!

Thank you! Despite feeling sleepy you still drove us out haha.

Love & I.

I'm sorry, I'm outta words. I am sucha loser for romance movies. I am still so emotionally down FML.

Loves, V.

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