16 August 2009

When I see you, I run out of words to say.

School is reopening tomorrow! I don't actually sound as happy as I am aight. This whole school thing is freaking me out actually wtf because I just realize my trials are THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS close. I am aimless. I don't even know how many As should I get. I mean like who doesn't want straight As but it doesn't sound as easy at all. Of course studying is the only way for the solution but ughhhh whatever it is, I'm not ready. I don't wanna sound like a grandma again.

Contemplating whether I should remove the cbox or not. I don't know what's the use of it wtf. There's a comment system from Blogger which everyone can actually comment but people choose to comment on cbox. I do have my reasons why la wtf no actually there's only one reason why I wanna remove it lol but it shall not be revealed hahaha. Still under consideration though :/

Hey, I realize I haven't been writing a pissed post for a long time! I can sense one coming though. I haven't been on a good mood lately prolly its the time of the month again. Honestly, I do enjoy writing pissed post wahahahahahaha. It really does feels good esp after you let everything out to the WWW.

Loves, V.

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