22 August 2009

Tell me that you need me.

because I'm cute liddat HEHE.

I am happy :) teehee.

... and I don't know why am I happy. Prolly I just saw a few eye-catchy things in Lowyat.net and its so super duper cheap compared to Sasa! And the things get even cheaper after comparing prices with few different threads *cough* Yes, its getting broke time and I know my money-saving-plan-for-my-camera is never succeeding. But its okehh since I already have plan B in mind. Though its a very risky plan but wtf for the love of Taiwan, I am so gonna do it :P

Oh yes, my one-week holiday officially starts. So that means I only have a few more weeks before trials begin which also means that my Graduation/SPM/Taiwan/Prom is drawing closer. How I wish SPM is next week wtf. I wanna go Taiwan asap. Can't wait to breathe the air in Taiwan HEHEHEHE.

Anyway, recently I've been using this mask.

Shiseido Blackhead Mask.

I was really convinced when I read all the reviews in the net and everyone seems to be giving a full star about it. I got it for RM1.90/packet which is very pricey because Lowyat.net is only selling it for RM0.65/packet wtf wtf! When Hello Kitty handed it to me in class, we weren't that convinced and suspected if its imitation. It looks super imitation and we had to go online immediately to see if the packaging matches -_-

It did and it was the exact same one. It feels super watery when you press it from the outside and its super black. One packet can used up to 5 times depending on the amount you use of course. You don't expect one small packet liddat can use up to 5 times if you put it all around your face right?? Okay so after cleansing your face bla bla bla, put it on the area you want. I chose nose. If you've seen me and my nose before, you'll realize my nose is like The Blackhead Mountain. Its very bad and horrible. My blackheads comes back really fast even after I go for facial. Prolly around 2 days, it'll be back visiting me again FML T_T

You would prolly wanna steam your face for the pores to open before applying it. This way, the blackheads can come out better. It depends on you actually. After applying, leave it on your face for around 20 to 30 minutes OR as long as its dry. Then you can remove it. Please make sure you do not apply it on your eyebrow or anywhere hairy wtf because the pain is... I feel like screaming for Mummy! when I was peeling it off wtf.

Then, the result.

Without flash.

With flash.


You can see my facial hair or not!! So hairy can die. Look at the blackheads and hairs! Honestly, it did not removed my blackheads completely. I assume you have to do a few more times before it removes completely but blackheads comes back really often... have to take care wtf :/

Overall, I must say its pretty good. I cannot bare the pain where you use the stick and start pressing those lil annoying fckers out! The shiseido mask does all the work I needa do without feeling the pain (on the nose I mean) and without having to hurt my nose.

Rating: 4/5.

P/s: I just came back from Peiwuon's driving!

Loves, V.

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