10 August 2009


My stupid computer is undergoing some serious PMS and is tooooooo retarded to be fixed wtf. Woke up to a fucked up computer giving me shit lots of problems and now my language bar becomes my taskbar. I know right how retarded can this be!! So whenever I needa remove my language bar, my taskbar removes together. And alsoooo, whatever programs, folders or files that I opened cannot be seen at the taskbar.

HOW CAN I NOT BE PISSEDDDD!!! WHENEVER I MINIMZE SOMETHING, I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT GOES!!! So if you have a solution, please please help me. If you don't know, then don't bother trying because I am tooooooooooooo pissed to layan anyone right now. WTFFFFFFF!!

Major pissy, V.

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