04 August 2009

I thought about you before.

School's empty. I don't wish that it will close down but on the other hand, I wants it to close down too. If only my school doesn't replace classes grr! No wait, even if they replace classes, who would actually attend it righttttt? :P There's pretty much nothing to do in school. The class is really quiet. Feels weird to be having lunch with the juniors without having the canteen being over-crowded..

I hurt my butt. Wait, I don't quite know whether I hurt my butt or the 'wires' in my butt wtf. I cannot bend down to pick up anything; the furthest I can go is a 90degree. Why? Because I fell down in the toilet last Tuesday wtf wtf wtf and it wasn't quite long when I landed on my butt the other day. What's with me and all these bad times huh! It hurts so badly that its not funny anymore wtf.

Deciding whether I should go to school tomorrow or not. It feels so uncomfortable wearing the mask that 9hours and I feel 10x sicker wearing it. :/

Take care of yourself peoples. Rmbr to wash your hands at all times!

Loves, V.

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