29 August 2009

I hate Esther. I really do.

I might sound like some crazy bitch right now but you've no idea how much I hate Esther. She doesn't even have the mind to think wtf. For someone who have no ballz like me, I would not encourage you to watch it because that show is disgusting to the max. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Peiwuon and I was hugging each other throughout the whole movies. Esther is sick. I am super scared right now and all I can ever think of right now is.. Esther might be standing behind of me..........


This stupid movie is taking over my mind. I don't know how was the movie. I do not know how to rate horror movie at all.. It should be good I think? It scares me wtf. I don't think Yeesam or Fats was scared? No they weren't and they shouldn't be anyway.

"Help me, mummy! I don't wanna die.."
"I am not your fucking mummy!!!!!! *kicks Esther's head*"

"You're a great dad, John. *plays around with John's hair*"

Horrified, V.

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