13 August 2009

I don't care eh eh eh eh eh.

Hello 401th! I didn't realize it was the 400th post yesterday until this morning sigh. Haven't been doing anything productive and I feel like a total junk right now. Besides eat, sleep and computer, I have nothing else to do. Does browsing through the net for prom & graduation dresses counts? So anyway, I finally settled with my decision and am buying it from Taiwan!

I'm actually asking a favor from Mumzy's esthetician (I digged through the dictionary for this word how retarded wtf) to get those dresses for me but she never seems to reply my email nor my texts!! Why not buy it myself? Oh big nono. I don't wanna mess up the whole process because I am not really that good in reading chinese. I rather go through a 3rd party, let her earn some then screwing up or losing the dresses. Omg, it makes me so excited now wtf wtf!

I had crab for dinner and I'm so so happy right now hehe. Visuals?

GP was sitting down there like that for almost half an hour. He looks like a depressed old man wtf.

My grumpy old man hehe.

Am on Cheryl's bed HEHEHEHE. Omg they have the cutest couple bedsheets ever wtf!

And this is me cutting lamb *slurps* for Mak Lembik. Hehe, check those lashes out HAHAHAHA. Not falsies okay!

I'm craving for tamagos wtf.

Loves, V.

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