02 August 2009

I am truly disgusted. Really am.

Had a great night and came back only at 230am which got Mummykins bombing my phone haha. Anyway, I had totally forgot what happened yesterday night but I have 3 photos. Yes.. 3 photos haha. I guess I was too shy to even stand up to take photos. I know noone there! Not literally noone but.. its just weird to be soo... okay forget it. Feast your eyes with 3 photos WTF.

That's Muffin & Charlene.

Mak Lembik, Christine.

Fat Vivi and Charlene.


My disgusted mode is on after seeing a 5 minutes video from a blog. I really feel very disgusted till I don't even know how to express my disgustedness in it wtf. & its not like I have the balls to freaking comment on the video. Where are their brains? Don't they have a little conscience in them? To question people, you needa kick, punch and whip the suspect okayy...

Truly disgusted, V.

2 bombs thrown:

Charlene.G @ 雪琳 said...

OMG the first photo is so freaking ugly!!! Lolz~~~

Vivian said...