07 August 2009

His partner in crime.

It was just yesterday when I wrote you a shweeeeet long birthday post for you. How could you do this to me! How am I supposed to believe youuuu again :(

How do you explain this?!
Okay prolly you can say that she's just your friend yada yada yada. Alright, reason accepted.

What about this?!?!
Dancing for an upcoming mv? Okay lor, I accept.

Why is she wearing like that in front of youuuuuuu! She needs someone to take pix for her? Fine.

No one gives a goodbye kiss on the lips!!

But then again, I'm professional wtf.

(Sorry for being lame again wtf. I didn't have anything to blog about and don't get me wrong. I love Hyori Lee! & they will be shooting on an upcoming mv of hers sooooo its okayyyyyy. I'll love to see more of these! Oh look Yuric, my husband owns your wife now. Shall we have scandal like them too? :P HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Loves, V.

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