06 August 2009

Happy 29th, Love! ♥

Happy 29th Birthday, Will Pan!

Despite our 12years age gap, we still click so well wtf. This proves that age doesn't matter! As long as both loves each other, then we'll live happily ever after. Though you're often overseas and I only see you like.. 3 or 4 years once, you still get my heart pounding whenever I see you on tv! I kid you not.

My love for you had never fade ever since 2003. It was a love at first sight wtf. It feels as though 爱上未来的你 was specially sang for me. Awwwwww, sho shweet.

I'm sorry love that I can't meet you during your promo tour in Malaysia. Its today but I always have major transport problem and why didn't they put you at better places! The Mines is like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 80s already hahahaha.

I really wish I could be there if only I have my licence but its not like I'm regret for not having my licence earlier either. I know I'm gonna be sucha big clumsy driver and I know you don't wanna see me kissing other car's ass either. You seeee! I can tell! ;) we read each other's mine hehe.

You didn't wanna have a big celebration this year. Well, hopefully you're gonna celebrate it with 潘爸爸 and 潘妈妈 back in Taiwan alright. *sigh* people often ask me why am I so loyal to you even when you went out with Jolin for dessert and took sucha shweet mv with Alisa. That's because I'm a professional wife! I should believe in youuuuu 8D.


P/s: Strictly a syok sendiri post just to make myself happy so stop asking me to stop dreaming! I clearly knows what I'm doing.
P/p/s: At the same time, I truly wishes him a Happy Birthday okay!

Loves, V.

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